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American-style kitchens

American-style kitchens

For kitchen furniture with a welcoming international vibe

Do you fancy renovating the style in your home in keeping with the latest furniture trends? An American-style kitchen creates a welcoming and homely atmosphere, organising space in the best possible way, thanks above all to the presence of furniture and accessories dedicated to everyday utensils and equipment: let’s find out more together!

American-style kitchen furniture

Full-height wall units, a central island, appliances that are generously sized and latest-generation accessories such as a dishwasher, microwave oven, toaster, coffee machine: these are all must-haves in an American-style kitchen. In short, the layout makes the most of the perimeter of the kitchen, creating more alcoves to store your wares. What’s more, doesn’t an American-style kitchen with a central island feel cosier? It makes you want to eat in the company of your loved-ones!

A well-defined kitchen style

Custard, white or cream: which colour makes you feel most at home? Those are the typical colours of a country-style American kitchen: did you know this style isn’t only successful in the States? The line-up we suggest in this collection is designed with sociability in mind!

Introducing LiberaMente: the composition is distinguished by impressive volumes, emphasised by the contrast between the elegant vertical grain of the wood effect and the bright white hue of the island. To have your stemmed glasses at your fingertips for a toast and to keep your recipe books neat and tidy, we also suggest the Fluida wall system, which matches the rest of the furniture to perfection. What about large cabinets in which the appliances have been “set”? Plenty of space for the larder and for culinary experiments.

If you are a fan of contemporary style, then Motus will bowl you over: its elements can be put together and taken apart, as they can all be re-planned according to your space requirements, which may change with time. What do you make of the glass doors and the spectacular porcelain stoneware kitchen worktop? The sophisticated materials are another striking feature of this model, with a highly elegant design.

Last but not least is Boxi, resulting from project BoxLife: pure American style that does not forget about practicality and embodies contemporary furniture trends, making your space fully customisable. The combination of glossy lacquered and veneered finishes on the central island makes this setting extremely warm and welcoming, while the Setup system is outstanding to have everything in the kitchen sorted in a functional order. Amazing, isn’t it?

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American-style kitchens