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An organised kitchen, with neat and tidy drawers, baskets and larder units

An organised kitchen, with neat and tidy drawers, baskets and larder units

A focus on accessories designed to organise the interior of drawers, baskets and kitchen larder units

From cutlery trays to containers, baskets and pull-out tops: accessories for drawers, baskets and larder units help you keep your kitchen neat and tidy, organising your everyday utensils as well as your groceries. Here’s an overview of the solutions available: which combination of organizers best suits your needs? Read this article to find out!

Drawers and baskets with cutlery trays and partitions

One must-have accessory for a perfectly organised kitchen is the cutlery tray, which is usually in the classic plastic version or in wood: what do you make of the line created for the Diesel Get Together model? From knives to spatulas, every utensil has a place in the chess board organizer, so you can check mate any mess.


Partitions which are similar, yet different in their shape, are also available for baskets, facilitating the division and stacking of plates, pans and lids. But that’s not all: pull-out bins and waste bins with a lid can also be stored in your kitchen cabinet baskets, allowing you to sort your waste efficiently.

Pull-out larder and storage cupboard

Let’s focus on the larder now: would you like it if every ingredient were clearly visible and sorted in an organised way? When the time comes to get cooking, you can rely on the pull-out larder: the inner equipment, for both tall units and base units, glides out automatically when you open the door, allowing you to grab what you need easily, even if it is hiding away at the back.

Needless to say that the internal equipment of storage cupboards can be customised to accommodate and facilitate various household activities: for instance, why not even set up a laundry corner in your kitchen? Cleaning is simpler with the right accessories to organise your detergents, brooms and cloths.

Interiors with a surprise effect

To ensure you can manage your kitchen utensils conveniently, without compromising the minimal and elegant design of the composition, our designers have come up with invisible storage solutions: are you curious to find out where their hiding places are?


The professional Mia kitchen by Carlo Cracco, for example, features a pull-out worktop with a hole for food waste and knife rack, to be used when necessary to chop vegetables or fillet fish.

But that’s not all: do you like making your own pizza dough or fresh pasta? Open the beech top and you’ll find the rolling pin you need, perfectly attached to the dresser together with three kitchen roll holders, a magnetic knife rack and a chopping board to use as needed.

To find out more about other special kitchen organizers, contact a Scavolini dealer!
An organised kitchen, with neat and tidy drawers, baskets and larder units