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Evolving bathroom styles

Evolving bathroom styles

Minimal or Shabby chic, let’s look at the latest new bathroom design trends - amid modern and classic designs.

Minimal, in the direction of elegant shapes and contemporary appeal: this is how bathroom trends and styles are evolving. The bathroom is adapting to ever-changing needs, lifestyles and the pace of domestic life, turning into a setting that combines styling with functionality.


Less is minimal

The bathroom continues to be one of the most important rooms of the home. It requires a well-reasoned design and selection process; it needs to adapt to other rooms in terms of style, the choice of bathroom cabinets, finishes, materials and colours. Above all with homes that are often very small, where the amount of space is limited and needs to be exploited to the full, the first step to take is to move in the direction of “less is more”. Minimal style is a type of modern interior décor distinguished by linear and striking yet simple design, that avoids anything deemed superfluous.

Contemporary Minimalism

In a minimal bathroom the cabinets have squared silhouettes, are wall-mounted and offer alternating blocks and voids, and they become excellent storage elements; the sanitary ware is designed according to its function, which is to make life easier thanks to innovative technical solutions and shapes.

Nevertheless, this is a contemporary minimalism, where classic and simple colours are combined with bright hues and high-impact tones: gone are white and beige, replaced by strong, intense hues such as blue, red, bronze and black. 

Industrial minimalism

Another trend is industrial style, which stands out for the significant use of metal, neutral shades, and textured elements.  

Diesel Open Workshop combines all these features together.

In this model, industrial style can be found in the use of aluminium, steel, bronze and copper finishes, the system of modular shelving designed to accommodate shelves, open-fronted compartments, wall units and base units of various sizes, floor-standing or wall-mounted, which turn the most intimate room of the home into a living area. 

Shabby chic style

For those who prefer a more romantic, modern and at the same time slightly retro mood, shabby chic style is one of the most fashionable and elegant trends of recent years, standing out for its soft silhouettes and pale shades that contribute towards creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. A shabby chic bathroom is perfect for multiple types of homes, from seaside homes, to country houses as well as city centre apartments. And any self-respecting shabby chic home definitely has to have a shabby chic bathroom.

Elegant Retro Style

A shabby chic bathroom can be furnished with taps in gold or bronze finish which have proven extremely fashionable, preciously framed mirrors, jewel handles, cabinets with glass doors to show off soap bars, essence dispensers and ornaments. And also free-standing bathtubs such as the décor-style Dea with chrome-finish feet and classically-designed, rounded floor-standing taps for perfect relaxation, combined with the Symphonie console with ceramic washbasin and chrome-finish structure. The soft and smooth silhouettes make for strong styling and functional value, and can be found in the furniture from the Baltimora collection, which also provide a refined and elegant revisitation of retro style.

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Evolving bathroom styles