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Fully equipped kitchen

Fully equipped kitchen

How to choose the essential furnishing elements for a fully equipped kitchen

Regardless of the size of the room, whether it is for a single person or a large family, a kitchen can only be considered fully equipped if it has everything. The obvious question is: what elements are essential for furnishing the room? Since the quickest way to have a fully equipped kitchen is to choose a modular model, which can be customised to suit your needs, in this article we have a list of accessories that should never be missing from your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets

Cabinets, wall units, shelves, hooks: using the heights and all the surface area available, installing accessories to help arrange kitchen objects is the basic rule for furnishing a balanced and functional setting.


Thanks to the numerous compositional elements provided by Scavolini’s models, not only can you design space-saving structures, but you can also create special volume effects that will liven up your walls.


Of course, don’t forget about a designer table and chairs or a stunning counter and stools where you can enjoy your meals in peace.

Basic appliances

Do you love cooking or do you prefer to delegate and wash the dishes after? Either way, an oven or a cooker, a hob - preferably induction to help protect the environment and save on energy bills - a hood, a sink and, if there is space, a dishwasher are the absolute must-haves in a fully equipped kitchen.


There are a number of different models of appliances on the market, with different features, which we are certain will allow you to try your hand at cooking and plan a several-course meal.

A well-lit environment

The right mix of ceiling lights, wall lamps and recessed spotlights ensures consistent and pleasant lighting, synonymous with a cosy atmosphere and, above all, good visibility for the “cult” areas of the kitchen: cooking area and dining table.


If the room is still dark, put LED strips under the wall units to light up the hob and sink better.

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Fully equipped kitchen