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Furnishing a long and narrow bathroom

Furnishing a long and narrow bathroom

Ideas to make the most of its strengths and turn it into a functional setting fitted with all your comforts.

Measurements first and foremost

For a long and narrow bathroom there are several composition possibilities to make it super comfortable and furnish it while enhancing all its potential.
Where do we start? The first step, without a shadow of a doubt, is to take measurements.


All in line!

Once you have taken the right measurements, you can focus on finding out which solutions can make your “strip” bathroom more beautiful and practical. One way to furnish it is to place all the sanitary ware along one of the longer walls. The

benefits? Compact overall dimensions and freedom of movement.

And if we want to make the room more appealing, we can add some decorative elements, such as a mirror which makes the room appear bigger, apply wallpaper, a trendy detail chosen in the materials that suit the setting, or clad it with decorative tiles which allow you to create unusual textures and patterns.

Pale and glossy surfaces

You can’t go wrong with total white!

A choice that floods the room with light and creates a totally relaxing ambiance. For a less monotonous furnishing result, you can play with white and combine it originally with other colours, for example red or turquoise. Last but not least, to create highly effective scenic reflections, pale and glossy finishes such as glass and lacquered finishes expand the space and add light to it.

What about the bathtub or shower?

These are the features which take up the most space.

An alternative solution to the linear composition is the niche or backdrop panel that visibly shortens a bathroom that is too long and allows you to insert a shower area for example closed by a single glass wall.

Another idea could be to position the shower or bathtub on the short back wall, keeping an eye on the presence of a window, its position and opening.

Storage space

For a long and narrow bathroom, it’s best to opt for storage elements where you can store everything you need while retaining elemental silhouettes and shapes. So choose from integrated solutions, cabinets without a handle, wall-mounted vanity units that add a pleasant lightness to the wall and compositions which exploit the vertical space such as cabinets, wall units and open-fronted compartments. It is vital that the materials are quality and water-repellent, to combat the issue of moisture and deterioration inevitably caused by contact with water.


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Furnishing a long and narrow bathroom