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Furnishing the bathroom: free-standing or vanity unit washbasins?

Furnishing the bathroom: free-standing or vanity unit washbasins?

A solution for bath for all space requirements and all tastes

The bathroom, no longer purely functional but a space given over to well-being, where furnishing becomes key. New colours and finishes, responsiveness to design trends and evolving lifestyles, continuous research into functionality and ergonomics: all this has generated different solutions, to satisfy a wide variety of needs.

One of the musts of contemporary bathroom furnishing is the freestanding washbasin, a feature intrinsically suitable for installation even the middle of the room.

The Habi collection by Scavolini, designed by Castiglia, responds to this style: the One washbasin pedestal in Mineralmarmo becomes the focus of the scene with its rounded lines , finding its ideal position in continuity with the curvature of the cabinet. 

Innovation and design merge to create a unique bathroom furnishing solution where beauty and well-being are the keynotes. 
This original bathroom project is completed by the freestanding bathtub, the exclusive Tahon glass-fronted cabinet and a series of steel open units.

The most popular solution nowadays is to integrate the washbasin in a vanity unit, practical and convenient, especially for those whose bathroom space is limited and who want to keep everything neat and tidy.

There are various types and sizes: wall-mounted and floor modules, with big drawers or with shelves to be fitted inside at the required height. The washbasin may be inset, semi-inset, resting on the top or undertop.

The last solution we want to show you is in the photo on the left: a cabinet on wheels and surface-mounted washbasin on a counter, a bathroom furnishing idea that is modern and convenient, especially ....when it comes to cleaning!

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Furnishing the bathroom: free-standing or vanity unit washbasins?