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How to furnish the kitchen in an economical and unique way

How to furnish the kitchen in an economical and unique way

Saving money and creativity: the ingredients for renewing the look of your kitchen

When we have to modernise the kitchen, we immediately think of our budget: which furnishings are worth investing in? Don’t worry, you can completely renew the look of the room with just a few small steps: here are some tips on how to uniquely furnish the kitchen while keeping an eye on the budget.

Focus on style and details

Always the hub of the home, the kitchen is probably the room that should reflect your personality and lifestyle the most: do you have a retro soul?


Then let loose with nostalgically shaped crockery and utensils, romantic ceiling lights and Tabula, the table in solid Vissuto Fir wood with a metal drawer handle, a truly unique accessory that will immediately give the kitchen a new look.

Do you like to keep up and face each day with dynamism? The installation of a storage structure with visible dish-rack will be the crucial design element to further optimise the space, keep everything within easy reach and add personality to the composition.


Plus, why not play with the lighting? Create special lighting effects with wall-mounted lamps and LED lights.


So remember that the mood will be defined when designing the space and that even investing on one specific aspect will be enough to freshen up the furnishings.

Change the appliances

The appliances also play an essential role in kitchen design: whether it’s the refrigerator, the microwave oven, the food mixer or the hood, why not replace them with new devices and display them as real works of art?


Perhaps you could put them next to food-themed paintings or prints, perfect for adding dynamism to the walls and creating a dramatic effect.


With a bit of effort, and above all, cheaply and having fun, you can even venture into the world of DIY and make your own unique decorations for the kitchen: fruit baskets, centrepieces, vases...


But don’t forget: put everything on display for your guests to admire!

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How to furnish the kitchen in an economical and unique way