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Ideas for a green Christmas atmosphere

Ideas for a green Christmas atmosphere

Christmas Tree and more: find out how to decorate your home with plants in winter.

In recent months, our home has become the centre of our universe even more. A sun around which our entire life revolves, inside and outside the domestic walls. It welcomes us, keeps us warm, and pampers us. A safe haven which we can furnish with the utmost functionality and adorn on special occasions, such as during the Christmas holidays. Since there is no end to creativity and beauty. Especially when they come from nature and tradition.

Furnishing with plants

The famous Swedish blogger Frida Ramstedt states this clearly in the title of her recently published book “The Interior Design Handbook: Furnish, Decorate, and Style Your Space”, published by Clarkson Potter. The intention is to place her experience as an interior designer at the disposal of those who want to transform their home into a place built around their lifestyle, and hence one that is customised and harmonious, where they can always feel at home and at ease.

One of the tips shared by Ramstedt is to use plants as furnishing elements. The advantage of this practice is twofold: greenery indoors connects us with the outside world and contributes towards identifying the style of the home, to match its furniture and furnishings.

Plants for your every need

Do you need to divide up your space, to create specific situations or areas with greater privacy? Creepers such as Ivy, Golden Pothos and Silver Vine offer the feeling of protection where greater intimacy is needed (for instance in the bathroom or bedroom).


A single, extra large plant creates a highly scenic green corner, accentuating it with respect to the other areas of the home. Several large plants, such as the fiddle-leaf fig, the Anthurium clarinervium, the Monstera, Kenzia and Alocasia, on the other hand produce a mesmerising landscape look.

Ornamental succulent house plants are instead beautiful and hard-wearing, but it is important that you understand the ideal setting for each succulent variety and the type of plant best suited to your setting. If you have created your own home office to work from home, they are perfect as they take up just a few centimetres, in exchange for greater concentration, while fostering relaxation in order to work better.


Among the various species, let’s not forget about aromatic plants and Mediterranean herbs, to create a scented kitchen garden in the most sociable area of the home. Read the article dedicated to our tips for creating a garden in the kitchen.

Our plant friends, of whatever kind, decorate and put you in a good mood, which is definitely a plus!

Green Christmas

When December comes and the Festive Season approaches, we can be a little bolder and braver with plants traditionally used to wish a Happy Christmas and decorate the home.

The Christmas Tree, whether real or fake, large or small, is usually put up in every home as part of the domestic decorations that help liven up and warm up the home.
Poinsettia, whose botanical name is Euphorbia Pulcherrima and was formerly known as the Mexican flame flower, decorates and brightens up the atmosphere with its bright red foliage.

Holly is another wonderful Christmas plant which can be used to create compositions for vases or centrepieces, as it decorates with the stark contrast between the glossy green leaves and the bright red berries dotted about here and there.
Hellebores, in particular the Helleborus niger variety, thanks to its beautiful white flowers that bloom during the Christmas holiday season, is also referred to as the Christmas Rose. Last but by no means least, Mistletoe, the plant of luck, love and harmony, to be gifted to wish others a very happy new year.

Decorating your home with various types of plants improves the furniture and creates highly effective design games, thanks to the incredible variety of shapes, sizes and colours available. And surrounding yourselves with greenery is good for you, for both mind and body, even at Christmas!
Ideas for a green Christmas atmosphere