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Inside the drawer

Inside the drawer

All your tools within reach

The kitchen is a pleasant place to be but it's also a working place where it's important to always have all your tools within reach.
To maintain order and customize your kitchen, accessories for drawers and baskets come to your rescue.

Drawers and baskets

Drawers and baskets are two different kinds of storage spaces. Drawers can be from 30 to 90 cm wide, whereas baskets start at 45 cm and can get up to 120 cm wide, large enough for storing plates, pots and pans.

The value and function of a drawer or basket depend, in addition to their structural characteristics, on the accessories contained inside.
The list of available accessories is very long and will enable you to customize your drawers according to your needs and how you will use your kitchen.

A cutlery tray is usually made of wood or plastic and offers niches for forks, knives, spoons and teaspoons as well as a common space for other utensils.

Having more available space allows you to choose wider models of drawers and baskets, thus increasing your choice and the variety of suitable internal accessories.
Places for cutting boards and professional knife racks, shaped slots for graters, pasta cutting wheels, potato peelers and nut crackers are just some of the many possibilities proposed by kitchen manufacturers.

For professionals and pastry lovers there are also special accessories dedicated to the pastry world: cookie cutters, moulds, decorating tips and syringes for icing and wire whisks inserted in a drawer below the counter top.
For fine wine lovers there are also drawers structured to contain a bottle rack within easy reach.

Precisely because they are more spacious, baskets better for many things. In addition to the fact that baskets can have drawers inside them, they can house much bigger objects such as plates, pots, pans, pasta jars, bottles and even recycling containers

Inside the drawer