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Kitchen and bathroom wall systems

Kitchen and bathroom wall systems

Uncover the versatility of the Status Wall System

Is chaos the norm in your kitchen and bathroom? If on the one hand you don’t know where else to put your kitchen utensils, or your toiletries on the other, then we suggest the Status Wall System, a delightful alternative to traditional modularity that allows you to keep everything tidy and in full view. Let’s find out why this solution is so versatile, making it ideal for use in both the kitchen and bathroom!

Kitchen wall systems

The Status Wall System is an open-fronted modular system, its structure available in a variety of colours, which can be included in the kitchen design together with other furniture or form the base of the island bench, to furnish a living area with a strong styling impact. Do you know what the best part is?

This wall-mounted furniture solution is entirely customisable: the compartments of the Status Wall System can in fact be embellished by open-fronted storage elements complete with pull-out trays that can be positioned freely, which are perfect for keeping your herbs and spices at hand when you’re cooking, and closed wall units to store clean glassware and crockery.

Bathroom wall systems

A similar approach can be taken in the bathroom too: the Status Wall System can be used as a frame, as an end element or even as a partition element within the bathroom, separating the relaxation area from the laundry, for instance.

This designer shelving solution is a veritable wonder which optimises organisation instantly, providing all the space required to hang bath towels as well as to fold clean guest towels. What do you think of having convenient storage trays in the bathroom too? They prove extremely useful to store your shampoo and conditioner.

What are you waiting for? Rely on the help of a Scavolini dealer to design an original kitchen and bathroom composition thanks to the Status Wall System.

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Kitchen and bathroom wall systems