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All you need to “stock up on your essentials” is a tall cabinet in the kitchen: a larder unit!

Do you enjoy trailing through supermarket aisles on the look-out for special offers? To satisfy your appetite for shopping, we’ve come up with a guide to kitchen larder units, must-have cabinets in any home: they’ll help you organise your pantry and avoid wasting food, and more. Let our selection inspire you!

Larder unit

One of the key words which best describes kitchen larder units is versatility: indeed, these are usually tall and long cabinets, fitted with doors and/or glass doors, capable of fitting into any corner (and embellishing it), playing several domestic roles at the same time. Do you want to find out more?


First of all, the larder unit allows you to store anything inside, providing shelves which can be positioned as needed, to accommodate your grandmother’s plate set, your table linen and all sorts of tasty delights. Indeed, what better hiding place for your favourite biscuits which always seem to disappear when you leave them out? Thanks to the structure with shelves and drawers of the Switch cupboard in the Libra model, your pantry will be safe!

Storage cupboard

In addition to being a larder, what else can a Scavolini kitchen larder unit do? It can be a storage cupboard: what do you think of this DeLinea line-up? Simple and understated, this item of furniture has a practical and useful function, providing all the storage space of its compartments and the top shelf to house a washing machine, a drier and detergents too.

Talking about capacity, did you know there are larder units that can contain up to four appliances? Proof of this can be found in the Switch cupboard with retractable doors from the Carattere kitchen and the large LiberaMente cabinets. 

In short, as you know, storage requirements play a vital role in kitchen furniture, which is why we have anticipated this need for storage space and designed full-height larder units, even in the double version if need be. Choose Qi to see the end result.

Internal accessories

We’ll reveal a secret: kitchen larder units are not just full of objects, they’re also packed with personality. Indeed, each solution can be fully customised thanks to a wide range of internal accessories, capable of catering to the needs of everyday activities and of transforming, as we have seen, a larder unit into a super-accessorised larder or an extra tidy storage cupboard.

Which larder unit model would come in handy in your kitchen? Talk to our dealers about it!