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Kitchen sink: how to organise it

Kitchen sink: how to organise it

An attractive sink area enhances the style of your kitchen: here’s how to organise it nicely

Beautiful to look at, but above all indispensable: the sink is the prince of the kitchen and is there whenever we need to wash our hands, wash the dishes or put utensils down while we prepare tasty meals to serve at the table. So how should it be organised so that its versatile function is also decorative?

Models and sizes

Sinks come in different materials, shapes and sizes: as a general rule, remember that to create the most harmonious spaces, they must fit in with the overall style of the kitchen.


Depending on your specific space requirements, you can choose a double basin sink, think about installing two drainage basins or install a single bowl with or without side support: the combination possibilities are truly endless!

Everything in its place

As you look through our kitchens, you will no doubt have noticed that most compositions feature storage accessories: Mia is the emblem. Elements such as the compositional structure hanging above the sink ensure the utmost precision, marking food preparation times: from washing to cooking.


This is just one example, but know that your ability to organise the objects you use the most, starting with washing up liquid and sponge, will be vital in combining practicality and functionality with aesthetics: some advice? Use hooks for shelves or use storage containers and arrange them on tops of different heights to distinguish their use.

Useful daily accessories

Next to the sink and plate rack, what else should never be missing from the kitchen? Cloths!


These are an absolute must-have because, in addition to drying pots and pans, plates, glasses and cleaning surfaces, they can also be used as a decorative element.


They are available in a variety of fabrics and patterns: hang them on the wall behind or next to the sink to keep them handy and be creative with different colours and patterns, chosen according to your mood or the season.

Has any particular composition on our website caught your attention? Be inspired and contact a dealer for more information.
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Kitchen sink: how to organise it