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Kitchen stools

From the bar to your home: kitchen and dining room stools

Following the outstanding success of the counter and of the island, bar stools have also made their entrance in home kitchens, replacing traditional chairs around the dining table: can you imagine them in your home? In this article, we look at some of the main kitchen stool models in detail: we’re sure you’ll find the perfect partner for your sociable moments among them!

With/without footrest, backrest and/or armrests

Before we address the style of each kitchen stool, we can pinpoint some macro distinctions. The first type includes high stools with and without a footrest: the former are definitely more comfortable, as they provide maximum stability while you are seated: just what you need when you are still a little sleepy at breakfast.


The second difference lies in the presence of a backrest, a feature which mainly distinguishes kitchen stools from bar stools, which in the majority of cases do not offer a backrest.


Lastly, the last macro category identifies stools fitted with armrests, grouping together a series of seats designed to provide more support, ideal for seating children.

Retro kitchen stools

Modern kitchen stools

If you’re looking for a high chair for an island or high table with a modern style, our suggestion is to focus on the resting base, choosing for instance coloured metal, or on the seat, perhaps picking velvet, in order to put together a stool with an attractive look, capable of brightening up and transforming any kitchen into a warm and ultra-chic setting.


Did you have a simpler, more minimalistic corner in mind? There is nothing stopping you from choosing plain coloured or all-metal kitchen stools, for an industrial design that does not compromise comfort, or with a wooden seat, ideal for giving your interiors that Scandinavian touch.

Contact a Scavolini dealer to match your kitchen with the ideal stool.