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Kitchen wall panels by Jeometrica

Kitchen wall panels by Jeometrica

3 kitchen wall panel models

Cookery books to browse through at will? Holiday photos to look through when you’re feeling nostalgic? Jeometrica can accommodate them! The kitchen and living room wall panels of the new model fulfil all your needs: did you know that the collection features no less than 3 types of equipped wall panel? Read this article to find out more!

Wall-mounted shelves

There are many models of shelves, each one boasting a multitude of uses, that will perfectly suit the room to be furnished. Of course, creating stylistic continuity between the kitchen and living room, especially with an open space, wouldn’t do any harm, right? You can use the “J Box” wall panel with aluminium profile to match shapes and colours, using the shelves in the kitchen to organise your mug collection and those in the living room for your family mementos.

Decorative equipped wall panel

It’s true that there is never enough storage space in the kitchen, but don't forget that shelves, and hooks, can also be used as decorative elements to give a new lease of life to particularly bare corners of the kitchen.


If you are looking for something a bit quirky, why not let your imagination run wild with the Jeometrica “Circle System” teardrop wall panel or “Square System” rectangular wall panel, which can be customised with accessories. You can use the equipped wall panel to keep everything from salt to herbs on hand at all times, and you can also change its position (thanks to the holes) to suit your cooking plans.

Not the usual kitchen backsplash

Do you love to experiment in the kitchen? To prevent sauce or grease splashes all over the walls, it is essential to cover them with a backsplash. But what can you put behind the cooker instead of tiles? The laminate “Square System” wall panel not only protects the wall behind the cooker or sink, but can also hold utensils needed for preparing recipes.

You can also customise the wall panel to transform the empty wall of your living room, using the shelves to showcase and illustrate your passions.

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Kitchen wall panels by Jeometrica