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Kitchen wall unit depth

Kitchen wall unit depth

What you need to know to organise and make the best use of the highest spaces in the kitchen.

Practicality, aesthetics, ergonomics: these are the main features required of kitchen wall units. Open or closed, they represent that mix of furniture and functionality that is hard to give up. If we then add the possibility of combining other solutions, to complete the kitchen and make it suitable for your every need, it becomes even more interesting to explore its full potential, starting from the sizes.

A question of size

The original meaning of wall unit is taken from the word “pensile” which literally means “that which hangs”. When it can be found in the kitchen, it is mounted higher than the base units and the other elements it consists of.
To obtain configurations in which “high” and “low” create a perfect synergy and harmony of volumes, all necessary measurements must be taken! It is essential to evaluate the depth of the wall units. The most common average size is around 36  cm, just over half of the standard depth of the base units which is usually about 60 cm.

Wall unit depth: why it is so important

The smaller size of the wall units compared to the base units allows the worktop to be used comfortably, avoiding any impacts while preparing and cooking the dishes.
If necessary, the depth can be increased with custom-sized solutions, while maintaining the offset with the worktop, which must be about 24 cm.

Composition possibilities

In current kitchen models, wall units offer a great freedom of customisation. They can create uniform compositions, more traditional but always with a high stylistic impact, with closed wall units in line all with the same depth.

Or they can insert compositions of closed and open-fronted wall units, wall-mounted and resting on the top which, in addition to being available in different finishes and materials, also have different depths that provide a pleasant sensation of movement. 

Wall units closed with doors can also be fitted alongside a single shelf that lends simple lightness to the setting. 

Furnishing elements such as simple shelves or modular structures like Stock Rack by Diesel with doors or open-fronted compartments must have the same depth as the wall units, so that there is always the utmost freedom of movement in every kitchen space.

Shelves, open-fronted and closed wall units,all strictly in line, can be found together in the same kitchen, to create an original wall full of diverse components, but which are perfectly integrated.
A kitchen where every gesture is made without obstacles, since everything you need is at hand.

Do you want to discover lots of other composition possibilities? See our section dedicated to Kitchens. 

Kitchen wall unit depth