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Modern dining room

Modern dining room

Everything you need to know about furnishing your dining room in a modern style

Do you need some inspiration on how to furnish a modern dining room? Scavolini has got plenty of ideas: from colours to materials, from indispensable cabinets to decorations, we can tell you how to give your dining room a chic and contemporary feel. But be warned: your guests will not want to leave!

The aesthetics

A setting dedicated to chatting with friends and sharing old family memories, the dining room has a special place in modern homes, where it is often in the same room as the kitchen. But let’s proceed step by step.

By definition, modern style dictates the minimalism of shapes and spaces, favouring compositions with sleek aesthetics that are in tune with contemporary life: buying cabinets, tables and chairs featuring simple yet striking silhouettes means you are already well on your way to recreating this style in the dining room. Even the materials are simple, often shiny or lacquered: some of our preferred ones are glass, steel and metal.

To warm up the room and make it even more cosy, you could also try using natural materials, which evoke a perfect Scandinavian atmosphere, or even adding a few touches of colour, such as pink, for a shabby-inspired living room.

Making the most of the spaces

As mentioned above, in today’s homes it is very common to have the dining room and kitchen in a single space: how should it be managed? Rational organisation is a must, arranging the table and the kitchen area parallel, so as to use the depth of the room, or, if the latter is square, arranging them perpendicular.

If not even an extensible table fits in, you can always consider having a trendy, well-equipped island or peninsula, and use it not only for cooking, but also to serve tasty brunches and drinks for your guests: sitting on high designer stools, they will feel pampered as if they were in the best venues.

Indispensable accessories

We have already said that in a modern dining room the key word is minimal: so don’t amass furniture, instead opt for space-saving solutions, having simple yet striking silhouettes and with the utmost functionality, to accommodate your everyday objects.

As for the decorations, choose sophisticated light fixtures, a beautiful wall clock and aromatic plants, in other words stylish accessories, all carefully chosen and able to create a spectacular effect on their own.

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Modern dining room