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Modern kitchens with a peninsula

Modern kitchens with a peninsula

The peninsula has found its rightful place in modern kitchens

As well as showing off its design, a modern kitchen with a peninsula is a functional and comfortable environment to live in. It is therefore easy to understand why it is one of the most fashionable compositions among interior design enthusiasts and anyone else who wants to combine the utmost style and practicality when designing kitchens. In this article, we have selected a few types of modern kitchen with a peninsula: which one reflects your mood the most?

Seductive contrasts

The peninsula makes the kitchen area super-equipped, combining the sink, hob and worktop so that you can indulge in your favourite hobby: making tasty dishes.


One of the modern kitchens with a multi-purpose peninsula that we are proposing is Delinea, which combines different colours for each work area, namely: Calce Grigio porcelain stoneware for the washing area with built-in basin, Calce Antracite porcelain stoneware, darker than the former, for the cooking area and Prestige White lacquered finish for the recessed grip profiles, plinths and doors, perfect for storing everyday objects.


The different shades create an extremely striking overall effect, don’t you think?

Personal taste

If you’re dreaming of a kitchen with a perfect industrial-style peninsula, Evolution is for you: the model features a Land Oak decorative melamine door with a top that serves as a counter, conveying a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

If you like the idea of replacing the dining table with a snack top, but you prefer a minimalist interior design style to that of an American loft, we suggest you go for the LiberaMente project.


The kitchen features a magnificent Blue Moon matt lacquered finish for the door, recessed grip profile, plinth and shelf, which is offset by the Calce Bianco porcelain stoneware peninsula top. The material contrast is further enhanced by the glass of the Levity support, a stylish detail that finishes the entire composition and adds a touch of elegance.

Stylistic continuity

Another advantage of the composition with a peninsula is that it creates a space that is functionally separate from the living room but, stylistically speaking, fits into it perfectly.


Many modern kitchen models with a peninsula are designed to furnish larger areas while following a concept of harmony. An example? Formalia is extremely contemporary with its U-shaped composition, created by the peninsula, equipped with a sink with two basins and a visible storage top, joined to the structure with doors in Rain PET: notice how the whole ensemble evokes and pre-empts the colours of the living room? Super!

Modern kitchens with a peninsula