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Modular living room units for living rooms packed with personality

Modular living room units for living rooms packed with personality

Modular furniture and equipped walls for customised settings.

Giving your living room a new lease of life and making it reflect your personality is so much easier with modular units and equipped walls. They completely renew the living area and furnish it with character, while guaranteeing style, practicality and neatness.

Thanks to their modularity, living room wall systems fulfil your every need: surfaces for the TV or digital devices, books, souvenirs, decorative design objects, there is no end to the solutions you can create!

Multi-function appeal and aesthetics

Multi-functional appeal and aesthetics are the perfect mix that you can’t do without to create an environment with perfectly organised space and a unique design.
This is the starting point for designing living room furniture solutions that can be adapted to any style.


Modern, classic or industrial? All this and much more. Modular units and equipped walls add character to any setting.

Industrial features

Iron, steel, dark colours, visible bricks: the décor code of an industrial style living room can be found mainly in the materials and finishes. Enhanced with contemporary touches, it offers fascinating insights. The modular living room units that most suit an industrial living room are set apart by this unconventional, eye-catching mix.

The open-fronted modular structure of the Status Wall System in deep, intense colours like Titanium, Black and Rust can be used for a variety of functions, as a partition between two settings or to complement other furniture, becoming the ultimate focus of the room.


A versatility that can even create a comfortable home office in the house, to which drawers and other storage elements can be added. The “Metro” Wall System in aluminium is also designed with this in mind. A feisty structure with a regular rhythmic pattern also encourages the concept of versatility and “everything visible”, with ever-changing combinations.

Contemporary, wall-mounted or free-standing

In contemporary homes, whether they are open space or lofts with a more metropolitan style, the living room often borders on and extends into the kitchen. For open spaces and communicating rooms, equipped walls placed in the centre of the room have a striking aesthetic impact and are very practical in dividing up the functions, to clearly identify the areas intended for the various daily activities.

The “Fluida” Wall System plays this leading role perfectly! Placed against the wall or, as in this case, in the centre of the room, it exudes dynamism thanks to the presence of open-fronted elements, wall panels and hinged door closing systems, baskets, flap or bottom-hinged flap doors. A combination of horizontal and vertical lines, of full and empty spaces where everything is within reach; where activities and relaxation coexist due to the neatness and customisation of the modules and spaces.


Units and equipped walls also play another important role: they coordinate with the mood of the kitchen, matching the same finishes and materials, in ever new combinations and total looks.

Utmost freedom of composition

The living room furniture solutions are suitable for both large spaces and smaller areas. Floor-standing or wall-mounted base units, open-fronted wall units or wall units with hinged, flap or bottom-hinged flap doors, with drawers or pull-out baskets, shelves and equipped wall panels fitted with LED lighting reveal a world full of inventiveness and possibilities, with the utmost freedom of composition.

The wide choice of materials, from the must-haves such as lacquered and laminated to the more innovative such as Fenix NTM®, and an equally extensive catalogue of colours complete the solutions.

The goal is always the same: to provide everything possible in order to find the living room that fulfils everyone’s desires. What will yours be? 


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Modular living room units for living rooms packed with personality