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New Rivo bathroom features

New Rivo bathroom features

10 in geometry and style for the Rivo bathroom: here are the new door features

What grade did you get in geometry at school? The Rivo bathroom is “top of the class”, showcasing square compositions, seamlessly tailored to your needs. You can see this at a glance from the door, for which we have recently updated the finishes and thicknesses: discover all the possible combinations in this article!

Tetris effect

When designing the bathroom, there are numerous aspects to consider, first and foremost the floor plan: cabinets and accessories must fit into the space so that every cubic centimetre conveys a feeling of well-being. Is it or isn’t it the relaxation area par excellence? Specifically to promote harmony, and to avoid unnecessary complications when furnishing your home, we have designed every detail to be functional for a variety of settings.


In fact, the modularity of the Rivo model and its design allow the modules, wall-mounted and with their characteristic square shape, to be adapted to the room, "fitting in" perfectly to create unique aesthetics in the bathroom.

Different door versions

Having solved the space problem, we still have another daily dilemma: have you any idea where to put all the perfumes and other bottles you have collected over the years? In the Rivo bathroom, you only have to decide whether to display them, making the most of the open-fronted elements, the Setup system or the sliding tray to create a spa set, or to store them in the spacious drawers of the bathroom cabinets, featuring doors with a 45° slanted grip and stylish visible containers.

Did you know that when we restyled the model, we introduced new structure and door finishes? These span from decorative melamine to metal effect across the entire glossy and matt lacquered range.

Accessories with the utmost functionality

To have a wellness centre in your home, all you need to do is pay attention to every detail, choosing bathroom accessories that combine beauty with practicality. We have already mentioned the tray, a real gem in the Rivo bathroom, but there are many other chic accessories worth mentioning: these include the wall accessories of the Magneto Wall series, the mirror with built-in light and suspension lamps, the shower enclosure with sliding glass door. Beautiful, aren’t they?

Each of these elements helps define the space, adding an extra touch of comfort and elegance. All you have left to do is add some finishing touches with a few succulent plants and scented candles!
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New Rivo bathroom features