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Ora-Ïto introduces Foodsheld, the kitchen that develops horizontally, open to the living area, its virtual extension

"The project set out to create a kitchen which would be truly the fulcrum of the home and capable of extending within it. Apart from the kitchen furniture as such, it was fascinating to give the home continuity of style, with an aesthetic continued from the living area into the kitchen, and potentially also to other rooms too."

This is how Ora-Ito recounts his experience with Scavolini and the fitted kitchen world.
A versatile enfant prodige of design, famous for his original creations, his design horizon has always reconciled simplicity of form with complex functions, giving all his products, whether movable objects or architectural designs, a genuine trademark identity.
The Foodshelf project also offers this perfect balance of state-of-the-art function and minimalist aesthetic (given warmth by the choice of materials) in a collection that never fails to intrigue and surprise.

For this project, I drew inspiration from Le Corbusierand the entire Modulor, scale of proportions he invented in the 1950's, which is of particular interest to me...and my invention was to rediscover ths 1950s spirit and bring it up to date by adding a modern twist...