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Realistic ideas for a dream kitchen

Realistic ideas for a dream kitchen

Kitchen ideas and furnishing inspirations for designing the room

Furnishing the kitchen has become a real challenge: from the endless models, compositions and accessories available, the likelihood of not achieving your goal is far, meaning that finding your dream kitchen is just around the corner. Don’t worry, these simple tips will prove to be an excellent resource for you: here are a few kitchen ideas to help you design the best possible environment!

What curves!

Have you studied the room plan carefully? Once you have evaluated the square metres available, the heights and the perimeter, you can have a look at the various kitchen shapes and find the one that most suits your needs:

  • arranged along a single wall, the linear kitchen is ideal if the room is long and narrow;
  • mounted on two adjoining walls, the corner kitchen optimises space using the corner;
  • if you have three free sides, you can consider a U-shaped kitchen, which is very convenient for moving freely between the different worktops;
  • if you like to plan big, you can look at the island or peninsula.

An enviable style

As you know, fashion is constantly evolving and trends change every year. However, some furnishing styles still continue to be extremely popular despite the changing seasons, just like the ones below, which can be taken as a guide:

  • minimalist style: using white, grey and black, and featuring clean-cut and essential silhouettes;
  • Scandinavian style: through soft colours and natural materials, it evokes the architecture and design of Nordic countries by recreating their atmosphere;
  • industrial style: based on dark shades, exposed bricks and encouraging the reuse of vintage objects while featuring distinctive metal accessories;
  • country style: recalls the décor and tranquillity of country villas, with wooden cabinets combined with light-coloured or floral fabrics and accessories.

It’s got personality and it shows

If you find it too restrictive choosing the style of your kitchen from the outset, you can always start with the colour scheme that reflects your personality:

  • tone on tone: if you like order and harmony, our advice is to choose just one colour in different shades;
  • colour contrasts: matching complementary colours is the perfect solution for your eccentric and lively spirit;
  • 3 colours: if you really can’t decide, remember that the rule is never to combine more than 3 colours together.

Have you got an idea for the kitchen? Contact your Scavolini dealer to make it happen!
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Realistic ideas for a dream kitchen