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Smart working: the right environment is what counts

Smart working: the right environment is what counts

Solutions for working, making video calls from home with colleagues and clients with the right level of efficiency and comfort.

Smart working, which is being implemented by so many people across the globe, also entails the need to organise space to create a small office within the walls of your home which is both functional and practical. Here are some ideas for you.

Connected workstation

A fixed workstation that is entirely dedicated to working, where you can stay in touch with the other rooms in the home: this is very convenient when your children are different ages and have different needs, and you need to keep everything under control. In this DeLinea configuration, you can juggle around in the open-plan settings between the kitchen and work, with a superior degree of style and design. 

Independent Living Rooms

Working in a setting that is separate from the kitchen, yet integrated into the living room: in this case, convenience is provided by the roomy modular wall-mounted compositions, which mean you can keep everything at hand.
However, this solution is not ideal for those who, having the sofa so close, could fall into temptation and take too many breaks! It is perfect on the other hand for those who love to feel welcome in a place that is usually associated with pleasure and relaxation.

Space-saving solutions

Not everyone has enough space to set up a fixed workstation for smart working. In the event of a small apartment, some space-saving solutions include pull-out tables stowed away in a simple drawer and sliding tops on the kitchen worktop, to expand the work surface, without foregoing the user-friendliness of the settings.

Temporary and trendy workstations

Other types of temporary rather than fixed solutions include the possibility of using a corner of the dining table or a kitchen counter that is high enough to create a stand-up workstation, which is really trendy. Indeed, sit-stand solutions have become an increasingly widespread alternative in offices too, alternated with traditional work while sitting at a desk. Are you curious about trying?

Smart tips

In conclusion, here are some tips to make the current working from home period easier. Use the right lighting to avoid tiring your eyes and comfortable seats which, if you don’t have an office chair, should help you maintain the correct posture. Set up your workstation with objects that convey positive emotions, such as plants, photos and picture frames. That way you will enjoy smart working more, and with peace of mind.

Are you smart working too? Browse through our on-line catalogue of kitchens and living rooms to find just the right solution for you!

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Smart working: the right environment is what counts