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Spring cleaning for two

Spring cleaning for two

How to organise your spring cleaning

Admit it: no one really likes housework, yet the arrival of spring brings with it a burgeoning need within us to tidy up, sort out and declutter, clean out those hard-to-reach neglected corners to welcome the warmer weather properly. Let’s find out what essential tools you’ll need along with some tips to make spring cleaning less hard work!

Have all your cleaning essentials at the ready

Have you planned all the housework yet, drawing up a list of rooms that need to be tidied up? Before you roll up your sleeves, make sure you have everything you need for a thorough clean: detergents, vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops and a washing machine at the ready. All sorted?

When you’ve gathered all the essentials and have them within easy reach, it’ll be easier to find what you need and avoid wasting time: the Scavolini laundry solution is distinguished by rational elegance, devised to create a tidy and accessorised space, for a comfortable passage way and/or work space.

Embrace the change of season

Before you tackle the bedroom, and clean wardrobes and drawers thoroughly, we recommend you sort out and swap out heavier clothing for lighter garments in keeping with the change of season, in order to avoid turning the room upside down twice. Have no fear: with the Fluida Walk-In wardrobe, you’ll come out unscathed! To light the interior of the wardrobe properly and accurately identify which garments to keep/store, there are two types of lights designed to create different effects: choose between horizontal and vertical lights to direct the light onto your clothing, or flexible lights which can be fitted either on deep shelves or on the shoe unit.

As a general rule, keep knitwear and heavier trousers you’re no longer wearing on higher shelves, making room for lighter spring and summer clothing underneath where it is easier to access. What if you change your mind and want to wear a garment you’ve already put away? We have just the solution: there’s no need to revolutionise the layout of the walk-in wardrobe or reach up perilously to the top shelf, just grasp the rising clothes rack.


Every room has its nooks and crannies, but aside from all the dust, you also need to get rid of anything you don’t use, by doing a little decluttering. This could mean getting rid of old kitchen towels, books or clothes you can take to the charity shop: regardless, when you are tidying up your home, between sweeping the floor and mopping it, remember to make room for the items you truly care about, removing those you no longer have a use for.



Don’t forget that spring also usually involves a general restyling process: have fun reorganising your books and dust-free ornaments, moving them from the shelf to the wall unit, or vice-versa!

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Spring cleaning for two