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Ten things to avoid in the kitchen

Ten things to avoid in the kitchen

What not to do if you want to keep your kitchen units looking good

Keeping your kitchen looking good is something only you can do.
These are 10 things you should avoid if you want to prolong your Kitchen's life.

Always remember to switch on the cooker hood. Smoke and steam can damage the kitchen in the long term.

Protect surfaces

1) Always remember to switch on the cooker hood, because smoke and steam can damage the kitchen in the long term;
2) Don't forget to make sure this appliance is working properly by washing metal filters or replacing synthetic or carbon filters regularly, in accordance with the instructions provided in the user manual;
3) Try to prevent the formation of limescale stains on surfaces by wiping water droplets away quickly.
4) Do not pour acidic substances (those contained in fruit and tomatoes, for example) onto surfaces as they could affect the finish. Remove them immediately and clean the area thoroughly;
5) Do not rest hot saucepans, trays or griddle pans on the edge of the hob, and always make sure there is no overhang.

Clean properly

1) When cleaning, do not use substances which are too abrasive or unsuitable for the material.
By the same token, do not use steel wool pads or sharp tools.
In the majority of cases, a simple microfibre cloth may suffice to dry, clean or remove stains, but if you have any doubts please ask your retailer for advice;
2) Do not use products containing alcohol, acetone, trichloroethylene or ammonia on laminate, lacquered or wooden doors (whether solid or veneered).

Keep elements in good condition by avoiding certain behaviour

1) Do not hang or lean on doors and drawers.
Although they offer exceptional performance (Scavolini doors and drawers are tested for over 100,000 opening/closing cycles and for a heavy permanent load up to 50 kg respectively), this type of stress could prove too much of a challenge for their stability;
2) Do not overload wall units; always make sure weight is distributed evenly.
Scavolini allows a maximum load of 35 kg for each kitchen shelf, with the weight distributed evenly.
3) Do not iron on worktops or tables, as the heat produced by an iron could cause permanent stains and alterations, or cause the surface to become unstuck.
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Ten things to avoid in the kitchen