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The must-have characteristics of dining tables

The must-have characteristics of dining tables

The qualities of the most popular items of furniture in the home and a few tips to choose your kitchen or dining table to suit your needs!

When we walk through the door, many of us make our way quickly to the table to lay everything down on it, from shopping bags to our laptop. These days, the dining table has to accommodate unique and personal usage and space requirements, striking the perfect balance between size and function. That’s why there is a range of fixed or extensible kitchen or dining tables, rectangular or round in shape, designed to make the most of every centimetre. So, with all these options to consider, how do you choose? Let’s find out the must-have characteristics to keep uppermost in mind when searching for the perfect table to suit your individual needs!

Must-have #1: space for everyone

An extensible kitchen table, especially a rectangular one, is the best option if yours is a large household and you need plenty of surface space. Indeed, the rectangular version is capable of changing - or outright doubling - its length when necessary, and is not only useful when it’s time to sit down and eat, but also to be able to make the most of an extra-large surface to roll out your pasta dough, to work from home, or for home schooling.

The Dandy Plus dining table can be ordered in both the fixed and extensible version, and it is available in the 80x130cm and 90x160cm sizes. The clean-cut silhouettes of this modern table and its soft profile stand out with the decorative element that runs all along its circumference. Choosing the decorative strip in a contrasting colour - such as Coral Red, Mustard Yellow or Agave Blue - turns the Dandy Plus table into the focus point of the room. The extensible version provides a generous extra 80 cm length when open, without compromising on the minimal, clean-cut look.

However, extensible kitchen tables are not just suited to modern furnishings. For a starring, timeless table, the Casale extensible rectangular table creates atmospheres with an immortal charm in generous, classic settings.

Must-have #2: minimum bulk

Irrespective of the number of people who may join you at the table, is compact size the most important factor? A small-sized kitchen or dining room table, perhaps designer, is the perfect solution when the available space is limited. Thinking small with a compact, square or round table, means being able to choose items of furniture that are both functional and decorative, and which can also be used as a study/work corner when necessary. A round table offers the advantage of blending in seamlessly even in tight corners and nevertheless proving “complete”: there is no need to keep 6 fixed chairs around it, a pair should be enough to make the table elegant and ready for use!

The Shangai round table is fixed and features a minimal style. Available with a diameter of between Ø120cm and Ø140cm and in several colours. The three different finishes for the broken-line legs of the frame (Shangai Deep Brown, Shangai Grph and Shangai Optical White) and the transparent glass of the table top emphasise the table discretely, providing all the sophistication of a functional design element.

Must-have #3: style and personality

If space is not a problem, then let your creativity loose! Whether you are looking for a second table (for those lucky few!) or the room is large enough, you can pick your dining room or kitchen table freely. In this case, your absolute focus will lie on the style and unique sensations that every well-built piece of furniture is capable of conveying. You can choose an option featuring a design in keeping with the rest of the room, respecting the tastes and the personality of its everyday occupants. Or you can prefer furniture that presents the desired seats and finishes. Tables with striking yet simple or sinuous silhouettes, with a sophisticated style or a more industrial look, with a masonry table top to match the rest of the kitchen, or a glass table top... Your dream fixed or extensible kitchen table is designed to accommodate all needs!

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The must-have characteristics of dining tables