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Total white living room

Colores y materiales

This is why it is a perfect solution and how it can be created for innovative furniture.

Space-saving, wall-mounted, separate or in continuity with the kitchen, the white living room, essential and bright in all of its aspects, lends the room all of its fundamental splendour. If you love its minimalist whiteness, discover more possible configurations to be created with this colour of timeless charm.

White wall-mounted system for livingroom - Motus by Scavolini
Wall-mounted solutions

The equipped wall offers elegance and functionality. It is a type of furniture that identifies the area dedicated to relaxation inside the house in a clear and precise manner. The “Fluida” wall system in Pure White Decorative Melamine - enhanced by the Alaska blue back panel - creates maximum lightness by expressing itself in different sized open-fronted compartments that house the television, books and accessories. To have everything within easy reach, like in this Motus Living Room composition.

Or you can opt for wall-mounted and compact modular solutions, to furnish an entire living room wall in one colour with open-fronted modules alternating with closed modules.
You can display everything you need from a practical or aesthetic point of view, leaving the other elements closed, to convey a sense of tidiness and clean-cut shapes.

In continuity with the kitchen

A flow of white energy runs between the kitchen and living room areas, for an innovative furnishing proposal. The exclusive line of Flux Swing Slide shelf with its architectural character designs a combined configuration that seals the perfect harmony between the two areas. It slides from the peninsula wall unit with slanted folding doors to join the wall-mounted base unit of the living room with basket and curved front.
The Prestige White glossy lacquer emphasises the pure shapes of the combination, where the individual elements are in perfect harmony and magical poise.

Livingroom furniture solutions coordinated with kitchen - Flux Swing by Scavolini
Modular multifunciont systems - BoxLife by Scavolini
Overall dynamism

A room for different spaces where the “white” core combines the different living functions. In summary this is BoxLife in the Duplex version, containing the study, living room and kitchen areas with the Carattere model in Prestige White matt lacquer.
The concealed panelling system opens like a curtain when required to dynamically manage everyday activities: cooking, eating, working and relaxing.

White is a colour that amazes due to its ability to adapt to different settings and solutions. Find out from your trusted dealer how to create the living room composition in line with your personal requirements!

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