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Wellness and design: let the training session begin!

Wellness and design: let the training session begin!

Functional, designer solutions to stay in shape, even from home!

Home fitness solutions have always been around. Now that swimming pools and gyms are closed and we’re spending more time indoors, exercising within the confines of our home has become a much more widespread occurrence. Even those who until recently associated their domestic space with lounging on the sofa, binging on TV series or reading a good book are now downloading apps and video lessons, dedicating a few minutes of their day to trying to keep fit.

The most important thing is to have a room in which to exercise, with an area that’s equipped for your home workout sessions. An excellent way to keep everything tidy and to remember we have a routine to follow, even when the sofa beckons!

Gym Space, space for fitness

Just like remote working, domestic workouts also require suitable equipment and organisation. With Gym Space, you can create a bathroom that’s equipped with all the “tools of the trade”.
The wall-mounted structure dedicated to physical exercise, the Gymnastics Wall Bars, blends in with the bathroom furnishings and supplements wellness with a new meaning.
The piece of fitness equipment par excellence, onto which additional sports equipment can be applied, such as the traction bar and the bench, becomes an integral part of the room and a great incentive for a home workout!

“Gym Space is a project designed to incorporate a bathroom system with a gym system, to combine physical well-being with personal grooming.”
Mattia Pareschi, designer of Gym Space

A new bathroom concept

The project furnishes the setting in an organised and functional manner without forgetting about well-being. By combining the typical components of bathroom furnishings with a wall-mounted gymnastics system dedicated to physical exercise, Gym Space accommodates contemporary requirements, establishing unprecedented implementation methods. This makes for super efficient fitness spaces which can stretch to one or more walls, blend in with the laundry area or fit into a compact space.
The heart of the project lies in the unprecedented reinterpretation of Gymnastics Wall Bars, blending styling with functionality, and leaving customers completely free to furnish the bathroom and create endless configurations.

Mirrored results

The Gymnastics Wall Bars therefore do not only appeal to those who wish to get in shape! Do you like the Juno project? Here’s how you can put together a bathroom with a design that resembles your style, customising it with the distinguishing features of Gym Space. Simple silhouettes, clear geometric shapes and minimal styling, emphasised by the beautiful finishes, come together with the leitmotiv of Gym Space, accentuating the free, dynamic and flexible personality of the Juno bathroom.

The Gymnastics Wall Bars are transformed into a genuine item of furniture: they add a technical feel to the washbasin area, for a new way to enjoy the setting. The elegant shapes are intertwined with the delicate Blond light wood structure on which multiple grooming allies have been arranged: a mirror, metal storage elements also available with wooden details, hooks and shelves.

Zooming in on the details, there are two cool touches: the leatherette strap that attaches the mirror to the wall bars and the white lamp with chrome-finish clip.

Additional elements which provide extra functionality include the free-standing and wall-mounted towel rails, for ultimate everyday well-being.

Wellness and design: let the training session begin!