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What exactly is the Colour Block trend?

What exactly is the Colour Block trend?

The new furnishing trend that gives your home a facelift

From the haute couture catwalk to the walls of your own home: among the oldest colour combination techniques, colour blocking is back with a vengeance and is currently the latest hot interior trend. Are you ready to restyle the look of your home, simply using a splash of colour? Yes, then let’s go!

What exactly is Colour Blocking?

Colour blocking in interior design suggests the pairing of blocks of bright colours - often contrasting - to create a strong visual impact. The idea behind this trend is to play with colours, identifying the coolest and most on-trend combinations. Where do you start?

By painting the walls

Keep your colour sample set at hand: the time has come to choose the colour of your walls. One strategy is to start off with the colour wheel is find those that are complementary (in other words on opposite sides of the wheel) or similar (near one another). Think about the vibes you want your surroundings to give off, focusing on cold/warm hues or bright/pale shades to emphasise the contrast.

Colour Block Furniture

Another way to embrace this trend is to apply the rule of colour blocks to furniture, designing novel and creative furniture compositions: matt finishes come together with glossy ones, smooth is teamed with textured, pastel accompanies bright hues and so on.


Of course, this criterion can also be applied to matching furniture and accessories: consider a bright red sofa against a softly coloured wall or teal coloured chairs around a marble dining table. Even cushions, rugs and artwork can be used to add blocks of colour.

Are you feeling sufficiently inspired? With colour block, you can say goodbye to dreary routines and flood your home with a new positive energy!

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What exactly is the Colour Block trend?