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What to do before setting off?

What to do before setting off?

A holiday is the best and most eagerly awaited experience of the year…

but before leaving you don't only need to remember to pack your suitcase, you also need to prepare your house for your absence. What to do so you don’t have problems when you get back? Here’s a quick, simple list.

1) Clean the house: before setting off, leave the house fresh and clean, particularly the kitchen and bathroom.
This way, bad smells won’t arise and you won’t find unwelcome insects on your return.
Also remember to put out the rubbish: it seems obvious, but it often gets forgotten in the rush to leave.

2) Water the plants: if you have flowers or plants on the balcony or inside the house remember to water them before leaving. If a friend or relation is available, leave them the keys, so they can look after your plants while you’re away.

3) Use up your food: during the week before you leave, try to gradually eat all food that’s been opened or is going out of date. If there’s something left, give it to friends or relatives!

4) Don’t leave dirty clothes or dishes: to avoid finding bad smells or having too many washes to do when you get back, empty the laundry basket and wash the clothes. In the same way, to prevent mould from spreading, don’t leave dirty dishes or glasses in the sink or dishwasher.

5) Turn off the gas and electrical appliances: to avoid all kinds of problems, turn off the gas and if possible also the boiler for hot water. Also turn off the electrical appliances, removing the plug directly.

It may seem obvious, but it’s important for a complete list: in the moment that you leave, close doors and windows and, if you have one, set the alarm! In any case, before leaving, take a few moments to check that everything is in the right place.

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What to do before setting off?