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Your daily relaxation

Your daily relaxation

How does one choose the right shower system model from the very many available today?

Shower systems are increasingly turning into genuine allies for our well-being. Thanks to a shower system, we can shut out all the hectic chaos of everyday life for a few minutes and allow the gentle sound of flowing water to cool and calm us, especially during the hot summer months.

Before making a purchase, it may be useful to know the steps and the essential elements to create the ideal shower area. Here are the main ones: take measurements, mark the position of the drain and identify the point of installation with your plumber in order to define the possible shower template; assess the shape, size and material of the shower tray and the type of installation; choose the type of shower head or shower column to install, and the type of shower enclosure opening.


Эксклюзивное удовольствие

Owing to space limitations, in the event of a small bathroom, or due to a stylistic choice, one solution could be a shower system to be placed in a niche in the bathroom.

You can choose several solutions: a single wall with the possibility of closing the enclosure with a hinged, sliding, folding, folding sliding glass door or a screen door. The glass used for the doors should be tempered, using a special thermal treatment that adds safety to your total relaxation!

Open to well-being

“walk in” shower, without a door and with fixed plate glass or tempered glass walls, is a very trendy solution.
A minimal choice with a strong styling impact, which affords enjoyable feelings of freedom and considerable benefits. If is ideal for small bathrooms and for settings that stretch length-ways, because it reduces the overall dimensions and offers more room within the enclosure itself.

It can have three different types of configuration: corner, with two masonry walls and one glass wall; with two glass walls and one against the wall or it can have a single wall parallel with the wall of the room and two side openings. The ideal shower tray to match it with is flush with the floor, for more clean-cut shapes, enhanced accessibility and practicality of use.

One and more shower trays

The most traditional is the sit-on shower tray, which is raised with respect to the floor level, whereas for a more contemporary setting, the shower tray flush with the floor creates a continuity of surfaces that oozes elegance, and is very practical since it is extremely easy to clean. The recessed shower tray is an intermediate solution: it is partially inset within the screed and protrudes slightly above the floor level.

As far as the materials are concerned, to match the other sanitary ware in the bathroom too, you can choose between ceramic, Mineralmarmo® and “solid surfaces” such as Cristalplant® to create a unique “soft” touch experience, have a compact and waterproof surface and superior degrees of hygiene.

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Your daily relaxation