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Furnishing a custom-sized home: where to start

Furnishing a custom-sized home: where to start

The “core” elements to start with when creating your home style.

There are not one, but several steps we can take to create a home that reflects our hopes and desires. Especially when it is still empty and we are in the initial phase when we can decide on which furniture to use in order to enhance it and custom-size it to our needs. Let’s take a look together!

Small home and space-saving solutions

Having little space doesn't mean you necessarily have to give up on comfort or design. On the contrary, you can take this opportunity to find and come up with alternative and original systems that are, in one word: unique.
In a small setting, multi-functional units are ideal; they have a surprising ability to accommodate various cooking, relaxing and sleeping requirements, with superior performance levels.


If you ask yourselves if there is such a furniture system, we confirm that yes, one does exist. Its name is BoxLife and it is the innovative project which manages to gather together all the everyday activities, by day and by night, to create a kitchen, living room and bedroom that are custom-sized, maintaining a high level of aesthetics and adapting to all needs.

City home

Starting from scratch and furnishing a loft or modern apartment in the city is a great opportunity. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore a world of possibilities. Various configurations, a wide range of colours and finishes come to our aid, in order to achieve the idea of a home that we have in our heart and look forward to putting into practice.

When size is no issue and there is plenty of space, you can put together compositions marked by contemporary style, which can be minimalist like the LiberaMente kitchen and living room project, or more distinctly metropolitan like Sax, unless you opt for the industrial look of Diesel Open Workshop for well-defined characteristics.

Country home

Your domestic space is wonderfully influenced by the outdoor landscape. In a natural context, trees, flowers and greenery peeping in through the windows are an inspiration to furnish a country home with a country style or shabby chic look. The furniture recalls the soft or intense colours of a rural environment, such as brown, yellow, green and azure blue, preserving that charming, warm mixture of pleasant functionality and simplicity.

A total living to be achieved with kitchen and living room projects that revolve around this particular mood, such as Madeleine. Allow its wood finishes to win you over, from the darkest Chestnut hue to the light White Ash tone, the decorative patterns and the accessories that identify a home marked by tradition and hospitality.

Are you ready to furnish your dream home? Take a look at all the solutions for kitchens and living rooms where you’ll also discover our Walk-in Wardrobes, and allow the new BoxLife project to win you over!


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Furnishing a custom-sized home: where to start