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My home, a safe haven

My home, a safe haven

The places and rooms we inhabit, places in which we feel pampered and protected, every day.

The home is much more than just a physical place. It is everything that we are, that we live and experience. It has always constituted our safe haven, which welcomes us and reassures us too; an indoor space, where the colours, smells, and feelings pervade it and identify it as our own and those who live with us. How can we make this space cosy and unique, comfortable and protective at all times?

Design your safe place

A home in which to feel safe can be interpreted in a variety of ways, depending on the habits and needs of its occupants.

Let’s start with the kitchen, with the furniture, the colours and the appliances it consists of. A universe in which to move around freely, yet with the maximum degree of practicality; in which to pursue new shapes, materials and finishes, with total efficiency and safety. Using high-efficiency appliances too, as these guarantee the absence of any harmful substances, to safeguard our health, and extra-low noise levels.

A kitchen designed around the desires of those who live in it every day, like a professional place in which to express qualities worthy of a chef, to enhance its functional vocation, or in which to enjoy familiar intimacy and moments of pure sociability.

Comfort living

“I want to go home. Where is home? Home is where I can be at peace”.

These topical, famous lyrics from a song by Jovanotti sums up the concept of home, in which to spend time with total peace of mind. The living room is the room to lay back in at the end of the work day, the safe haven in which to devote your time solely to enjoyable and relaxing activities.

It is vital for it to inspire a feeling of comfort and harmony, for it to be furnished with painstaking care, sophisticated colour combinations, natural woods in a range of elegant and well-balanced hues, as well as lacquered, matt or glossy, to express with colours and shapes, in both classic and modern styles, a profound sense of peace and hospitality.

The bathroom, another room in the home in which to get back in touch with ourselves, allowing it to embrace us in its reassuring atmosphere.
An oasis of well-being where everything contributes towards making it a peaceful place: the colours of the walls and furniture, the composition of the cabinets and the choice of shower or bathtub. Thanks also to the safety of innovative materials, which are durable, hard-wearing and non-slip, every corner is designed to move in total freedom.

From the armchair on which to settle without a thought, to the tray coffee tables “stolen” from the sitting room, the bathroom is transformed into the new living room, with such a private allure that it provides us with an almost secret refuge. In keeping with the needs of contemporary life, for sustainable, state-of-the-art design.

In which room of the home do you feel safest and most protect?

Browse through the kitchen, living room and bathroom models to create the setting that’s right for you, to love and be pampered in. Because #YourHomeLovesYou!


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My home, a safe haven