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Diy in the Kitchen

Diy in the Kitchen

Indispensable equipment for small maintenance procedures

Hanging up a clock, tightening a screw, repairing a damaged electrical socket: there are many small maintenance tasks in the kitchen which you should be able to carry out without calling a technician.
The important thing is to have a toolbox handy, containing a few basic tools.

Monkey wrench: essential for tightening water pipes in the event of leaks, to tighten and loosen various types of nuts and bolts.

What are the basic tools?

- Hammer.
You will need this to hang mirrors, pictures, a clock or anything else you can think of.
You can choose from several materials - rubber, plastic and steel – while the most commonly used type is the carpenter’s hammer, which has a hooked shape on one side for use as a crowbar, to pull nails;
- Pincers and pliers.
Pliers will help you grip, tighten, join and cut various objects or copper and metal threads. Similar to pliers, but rounder and flatter, pincers are mostly used to remove nails and tighten wire bindings;

- Monkey wrench.
To tighten and loosen various types of nuts and bolts.
Essential for tightening water pipes in the event of leaks;
- Screwdriver.
The tool for unscrewing and tightening screws in the event of loose accessories or a broken switch, etc.
You will need at least two types - one normal and one Phillips - in at least three different sizes (large, medium and small) to tackle the most common screw types and sizes.

Small but vital accessories

To complete your toolbox, you will also need a few general accessories, for use in various situations:
- a box of nails, screws and plugs;
- insulating tape to cover any exposed or damaged electrical wires;
- cutter, a measuring tape at least two metres long;
- glue and silicone;
- plunger to remove blockages in sinks and hand washbasins.

Where should these tools be kept?

The final thing you need is a box in which to keep your tools.
This is usually made from either metal or resin, an extremely strong yet light polymer.
As far as structure is concerned, the two most common variants are the simple box and the kind equipped with compartments which open up into a graduated step format.
Finally, for more demanding individuals, various hardware stores also sell aluminium trolley cases, complete with everything you might need for a household emergency.
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Diy in the Kitchen