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How to Reorganise the Cupboards

How to Reorganise the Cupboards

Advice on improving storage

Where has the ladle gone? Why isn't the sea salt next to the table salt?
How often have you asked yourself these questions?
To improve your life in the kitchen, it takes order first and foremost.
To work well and quickly, you need to know where the ingredients are and be able to find all your cooking utensils at all times.
Here is how to best reorganise the cupboards.

Start with one cupboard at a time, starting from the highest ones. Empty them of all products and accessories, placing them on the table.

1. Empty storage spaces


Arranging the cupboard will take a little time to change the order of things. Start with one cupboard at a time, starting from the highest ones. Empty them of all products and accessories, placing them on the table and clean the shelves using a suitable product depending on their material.

2. Classify products


Look at all the items you have found in the cupboards: try to understand if they are useful accessories to your life in the kitchen and, if not, put them somewhere else.
Take the opportunity to make a selection of what to keep and what to throw.
Eliminate any out-of-date food or food you know you simply will not use – donate it to charity for example.
Do the same thing with the other items – glasses, crockery and cutlery – you are unlikely to use.

3. Rearrange everything more rationally


After your "classification", you can now reorder the items in the cupboard.
Before doing so, however, group similar items together: spices with spices, cereal with biscuits, pasta with pasta and accessories for preparing meals.
This will help you replace them in a practical, coherent fashion.
Visibility is also key: try to position larger items behind smaller ones, leaving a little room between one and the other in order to ensure that they are easily accessible.
This will ensure that you always know what you have in stock and prevent you from buying products you already have.

4. Choose the right place for every item


Small electrical appliances and large accessories should be positioned in the base units.
Instead, put accessories you rarely use, such as your best dinner service, in the higher part of the shelves inside wall units.
Everyday crockery and glasses should be arranged in an easily accessible place, not too high and fairly close to where you dine.
Saucepans are instead generally positioned in base units so that they do not become dangerous if dropped.
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How to Reorganise the Cupboards