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Party colors

Red or Gold for decorating your home?

Christmas is almost here and brings with it the joy of family gatherings and good food.
But how can we decorate our homes and, in particular, our kitchens for the occasion?


Red is the color of life and love, but above all things it is the color of Christmas.
In fact, Santa’s suit is red, as are the candles and decorations used to brighten the home for the holidays.
So let’s get into the spirit of Christmas with a series of accessories dedicated to this color and sure to stand out on the table and in the wrappings chosen for our gifts. Imagine centerpieces surrounded by candles, dinner plates, chargers and glasses but also eye-catching napkin rings or placeholders and, to top things off, pillows and seat covers in which red is the dominant color...perhaps decorated in patterns that bring Christmas to mind!


If you want your home to shimmer and amaze your guests with a sparkling table or if you need help in choosing gifts that coordinate with the brightest holiday tones… your color is gold!
Gold for the table: you can choose napkins in shades of gold with coordinated decorations, but opt for plain white dishes that don’t overpower the table; in alternative, invert the colors with a white tablecloth delicately embroidered in gold and plates with gold trim.
Gold for the Christmas tree decorations and, why not, a few small “shimmering” packages under the tree?

If you love both colors, it’s just a matter of knowing how to combine them to achieve the effect you want!
At Christmas tradition wins out over any fashion or fad. The warm yellow tones of lighted candles, the illuminated reds and reflections on gold tableware and crystal create a warm, welcoming holiday atmosphere. Decorations, bows and lights are unmistakable symbols of this special moment, different from any other during the year.