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Midway accessories

Surrounded by a myriad of accessories and equipment, so everything you need is to hand!

Equipping the part of the kitchen wall right next to the working area (behind the sink and hob) can be a life-saver when you are right in the middle of making a complicated dish!

Steel rails

The simplest solution is to install a steel bar with hooks or specific fittings on which you can hang ladles or spatulas, small vegetable chopping boards, coffee cups or even small containers for sponges, jars and so on.This is an excellent system, especially when the kitchen’s working area runs along a single wall.

Equipped wall claddings

An equipped steel wall cladding is another option. This option is not only very aesthetically pleasing but can also be used in a wide variety of ways. The slots spread across the surface are able to take a whole series of supports for different purposes: shelves for the most widely varying objects (from herb plants to little trays and jars), roll holders (for kitchen paper, plastic film or greaseproof paper) hooks (for cutlery and knives), etc.

Specific combinations

Midway accessories can be combined with other items in the kitchen. For example, in a traditionally styled model a wooden midway shelf can be extended as far a as a plate rack installed next to the wall unit and become the unit’s bottom section.

In a modern kitchen, the unbroken combination of hood and shelves is fitted with lighting, while the drainer fixed to the wall just underneath is mounted above the washing zone.

Tools always on the worktop

The final option is to keep the things we use most often on the worktop all the time, but without taking up too much working space, with the aid of a clever stratagem or two: small appliances can be stowed very effectively inside a corner section that can be closed off with a shutter (an element that rests on the base unit) or along the wall. Instead of being hung on the wall, spoons and ladles can be placed in a pottery vase that will stand permanently on the worktop, for easy access. What’s more, we must remember that the worktop can vary in depth: if we increase it by just a ten centimetres, we will have enough room for both equipment and accessories and food preparation.