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A grey kitchen

The elegance of grey - a timeless colour

Are you looking for a kitchen that will be astounding rather than boring? Grey is a versatile colour, which comes in various shades that allow you to let your imagination run riot with creative, high-impact combinations.
It is a relaxing hue packed with charm that makes its surroundings welcoming.
Here are some tips to make your kitchen one of a kind!

A welcoming grey kitchen

Whatever style, composition and material you may have picked out, this colour will add a contemporary splash to your space without you ever growing tired of it; instead, you will rediscover how delightful it is, every day.
Are you familiar with the colours available for the Baltimora kitchen? For a light grey kitchen, this collection is distinguished by the perfect blend of excellent aesthetics and full functionality, fabulously paired with the warmth of wood. A grey kitchen is truly right on-trend and completely convenient!

Or you could choose Boxi which boasts a brighter, more enveloping shade of grey: this model constitutes a concentration of style and functionality and is the perfect fit, in the composition with a peninsula, for even the most spacious kitchens.

Diesel Get Together, on the other hand, embraces the right combination of colour and material in order to create continuity with the living room environment. Here, grey is rather bold with eye-catching accents, providing the perfect backdrop for moments with family or among friends.

Grey and white... and a few daring decisions

A grey and white kitchen, a grey and blue one or instead grey with a few splashes of yellow? If you’re not a fan of monochrome compositions, you can team dark hues with bold and bright colours such as yellow or green. Experiment, dare, create a setting that suits your particular lifestyle and personality!


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