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Kitchen wall units, practicality meets design

Kitchen wall units, practicality meets design

In addition to being practical storage compartments, wall units can also become distinguishing features on a wall, by using unprecedented colours and combinations, and characterise the entire kitchen with their styling touch.

They stand out for the finish, essence and materials used to create them. But also for that specific decorative element or colour combination that distinguishes them and entitles them to be the absolute star of the kitchen. They are wall units, which are wall-mounted by definition (hence the name wall), but with a personality that’s stainless with time. Let’s look at a few examples.


Freedom of silhouettes and colours

A peninsula kitchen distinguished by simple yet striking silhouettes, clear and functional geometries, where splashes of colour and details are included to offer a note of originality every day.

The wall units in the LiberaMente kitchen stand out for the choice of colour, namely Mustard Yellow and for the slanted door, valued by the combination with the Wheat Oak veneered finish, heralding maximum freedom of composition.

Lightness and the strength of details

Beauty never just arises by accident, especially when it is revealed in its simplicity. It can be seen through the transparency of the glass in the wall units with Ribbed Glass door which differs from the Prestige White matt lacquered base units of the Diesel kitchen, creating a meeting place between the appeal of objects “from the past” and a contemporary sensitivity: a new way to tell the story of shapes and things.

Wall units in the kitchen are never the same!
Their versatility, due to the endless possibilities of combining shapes, dimensions and materials, goes beyond the perfect balance between sophisticated functionality and styling, to create solutions that are always intriguing and surprising. 

Thanks to their position above the top, they make it possible to take objects without having to bend down and they offer precious storage space in addition to base units and larder units. Their help is vital for all types of modular kitchen.


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Kitchen wall units, practicality meets design