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Creating a study corner in the living room

Creating a study corner in the living room

The living room takes on a dual role: work and relaxation

An equipped, furnished wall for the living room can be turned into a study corner to work in, do some homework or simply read a good book: if space is a problem for you, rest assured that with the right living room furniture solutions, you won't necessarily need a whole room to study in!
The furniture you can't do without are: a desk (or a desk surface), some shelves and some open-fronted (or closed) compartments to organise all your essentials once you've done your duty.

The "Fluida" Wall system, with its shelves, open-fronted elements, back panels, closing mechanisms with hinged doors, baskets, flap or bottom hinged flap doors, is an excellent furnishing solution for you to include a small study corner.
This full-height item of furniture links and concurrently divides two areas of the same room, creating a discrete see-through effect that expands the perspective of both sides of the living room.
This is a highly customisable furnishing solution thanks to an array of colours, materials and finishes to choose from. 
The study area was created through the introduction of a small desk which blends in seamlessly with the remainder of the furniture.

Modular containers, base units with roomy extra deep drawers, shelves to store books, DVDs or ornaments on, drawers, as well as a spacious wall-mounted desk give rise to a comfortable study or work corner.  In this case too, customisation is a must, so you can create a custom-sized setting tailored to you and your needs. 

Creative ideas that furnish your living room, striking yet simple silhouettes that define the style of the entire room and adapt gracefully to the rest of the furniture in your home.

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Creating a study corner in the living room