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Accessories for organising your walk-in closet

Accessories for organising your walk-in closet

Here are the must-have accessories to make organising your closet easier

What better time than the change of season to reorganise your clothes and accessories? If the armchairs, chairs and drawers in your room also tend to turn into mountains of clothes, we recommend you read this guide: the internal accessory lines of the Walk-In Fluida collection will prove to be excellent allies in sorting out your entire closet!

Clothes racks, drawers and baskets

When do you hang and when do you fold? If you don’t know where to start in finding room for every top and trousers, we recommend that, besides the length and volume of the garment, you should also consider the fabric: if it is lightweight, it is better to hang it, otherwise you can fold it and put it in a drawer.


The Walk-In Fluida collection features rails, clothes hangers, base units and baskets in different finishes, unique for the three Comfort, Support and Assist accessory lines, while designing both sliding clothes racks and pull-out trouser racks, so you can instantly find what you are looking for. You can finally say goodbye to that old stool you used to climb on to reach the top of the closet!


Have you run out of drawer space? Don’t panic: you can put T-shirts, jumpers and shirts directly on shelves, which are also perfect for holding boxes of garments that need more attention, or for displaying your bag collection. 

Storage bowls, watch trays and jewellery trays

Where can jewellery, belts and glasses be put? With Walk-In Fluida the answer is very simple: you can use the durable and practical bowls as multi-purpose containers and the stylish trays as jewellery trays, thereby preserving all the splendour of your most cherished accessories.

Shoe unit

Why abandon your shoes at the entrance when you can make room for them in your walk-in closet, without stealing precious centimetres from your other clothes? Forget about clutter: with the shoe unit from the Walk-In Fluida collection you can have spacious compartments that can hold several pairs of shoes. How many? As many as you like!

The shoe unit, as well as the other walk-in closet internal accessories featured, can in fact be customised: contact your Scavolini dealer to create the perfect Walk-in Fluida project for you!

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Accessories for organising your walk-in closet