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Bathroom cabinet: wall-mounted or floor-standing?

Bathroom cabinet: wall-mounted or floor-standing?

Our bathroom furniture solutions offer a host of advantages thanks to the various different composition possibilities. Let’s discover what they are together!

Let’s begin by saying that, in terms of aesthetics, the decision to go in one of two directions or the other depends entirely on personal bathroom décor taste. As far as design planning is concerned, both a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet and a floor-standing one can adapt to rooms of all shapes and sizes. Let’s look at some configuration examples which have been selected for those who need to furnish the most intimate room in the home according to their own specific needs and desires.

With their feet firmly on the ground

The next composition we are looking at features precious elegance, which is expressed in the sophisticated details, like a gem crafted with painstaking care for every detail. The shaped golden legs, the handles studded with Swarovski crystal beads, the Tundra Grey glass top with two built-in bowls: these elements distinguish the Tundra Grey glossy lacquered floor-standing bathroom cabinet from the Magnifica collection. A series of accessories, including mirrors and lamps, add a further touch of chic to the interiors.

Much more than a washbasin cabinet

This Baltimora bathroom composition furnishes an entire wall, exploiting all the available centimetres from the floor up to the washbasin and beyond! It consists of glass fronted units, capitals and decorations and the impressive central mirror which frame the White matt lacquered composition, with the round inset washbasin and the Ipanema White granite top.

Touching the sky with the wall-mounted cabinet

Let us now focus our attention on the upper spheres of the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet. Let’s look up at the most interesting aspects which make the room tailored to our specific needs, thanks to the extensive modularity available during the planning phase.

The centimetres above the floor lend lightness, while leaving room for practical floor cleaning. One wall can be used to fit a storage module with clean-cut, functional geometrical shapes: in this case, the model in question is Tratto and it is simply perfect for those who appreciate its simple yet striking design combined with outstanding materials and workmanship. 

Wall-mounted, definitely, but not alone

In this Juno composition, the vanity top in Rustic Grey laminate supported by the new Keep supports is placed side-by-side with the Titanium Grey glossy lacquered storage unit with J-shaped handle grip underneath. This compact solution exploits the two resting tops and the closed vanity units to store all your beauty essentials.

The same configuration can occupy a single wall and be embellished with the presence of wall panels and open-fronted wall units in Oxide Steel decorative melamine, which can be arranged either horizontally or vertically.

Alternatively, the Nordic Oak veneered top, along with the Prestige White glossy lacquered wall-mounted vanity units and wall units can develop across two adjacent walls, with a large storage mirror embellished with the Racer chrome-finish LED lamp. An advantage? Being able to enjoy greater freedom of movement in specific spaces for distinct functions.

Same shape, same contents

On our journey into the world of wall-mounted bathroom cabinets we approached a scene which is dominated by pure and minimal design. This reaches its culmination in the Qi bathroom project. In this offering, the linear simplicity of the vanity unit, the natural effect of the Kuuki Elm decorative melamine, the clean-cut details form the elemental shapes of well-being. The bathroom is transformed into a highly balanced Zen room, for totally relaxed body and mind. 

Bathroom cabinet: wall-mounted or floor-standing?