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Modern living room: furniture that emphasises its style

Modern living room: furniture that emphasises its style

Furnishing elements that unmistakably shape a very trendy living room.

We are all looking for an environment that is always ready to accommodate the demands of modern life. Dinners with friends, TV series to watch in complete comfort, home working, a multi-tasking space with the utmost efficiency. So all we have to do is take a look at the furnishing options to create a modern living room that meets our everyday needs and desires.

The lightness of modernity

You don’t need to fill a living room with furniture, especially if you prefer a more simple and modern style. All you need is matt lacquered wall panelling to support and join two horizontal wall strips. The lightness of the “Fluida” Wall System in Pure White decorative melamine, alternating with open-fronted and closed elements and base units with Ivory Ash veneered doors, create a truly harmonious composition. A subtle yet striking colour synergy. This is the Carattere Living Room, a name, a collection!

Fully equipped

Are you lucky enough to have a large free wall to furnish? The answer is quite simple: you can equip it with extremely modular furniture! Because having everything neat and tidy and perfectly organised, along a fully equipped wall, is what helps us in the daily management of our interests and needs. Maximum modularity, furniture that holds, conceals and displays as needed. With the LiberaMente living room you can build a living area packed with elements, but still with a simple and modern style. With base units and shelves in Slate Oak decorative melamine, wall units and top in Bromine Grey Fenix NTM® laminate, the living room in shades of grey offers everything you need and much more!


The solutions with wall-mounted base units framing the living room walls are striking, creating stunning decorative mosaics, which combine a variety of compositions with highly contemporary materials and finishes. This is the Mood living room with doors and top in Grey Stone laminate, a perfect colour combination with a natural material effect, for an intriguing result with a powerful aesthetic impact. The modern nature of the composition is accentuated by the presence of Anthracite metal open-fronted units, for a living room in shades of grey that is always fashionable and extremely stylish.

Endless customisation

A collage that indulges compositional freedom and personal taste. The wall-mounted Foodshelf solution is created and expanded in the room, telling a story of a world made of books, travel souvenirs, design objects and, why not, even smart working. A varied and multi-purpose place with a strong contemporary personality, where shelves play a different “role” each time, as a worktop or elements under and above the wall units. For solutions and living rooms that are always new and never dull. In this composition, the colour range is dominated by soft shades of Seagull Grey for the base unit and wall unit doors and Prestige White for the shelves.

Modern living room: furniture that emphasises its style