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Tall units that aren’t a tall order

Tall units that aren’t a tall order

Practical and functional cabinets that contain and conceal, for the kitchen, open-plan setting and laundry area.

If you like your home neat and tidy and perfectly organised, tall unit cabinets are right for you! They can store shelves, drawers, baskets or appliances: plenty of solutions with the sole objective of having everything you need hidden away from view and perfectly accessible.


Containing means experimenting

A professional kitchen that wishes to enhance the desire and the love of cooking that’s hidden in each and every one of us requires elements that can create a custom-sized and comfortable space. This is where Mia by Carlo Cracco comes in, as it mirrors an element modularity that amplifies the capacity of base units and wall units. The capacious Coal Oak veneered tall units in this offering are fitted with vertical handles, to open the doors completely conveniently, and the recessed plinth to make your position more convenient when you’re preparing dishes.

Maximum efficiency for cooking and sharing

A large kitchen, equipped with the most efficient appliances, accessories and spaces to make your job easier: here, which is essentially the place for cooking and for sharing, there’s room for elements that boost the elemental styling of the setting. Just like in this LiberaMente offering where the Coal Oak veneered tall units offer all the efficiency of high-tech tools liaising with the base and wall units in Agra Clay Biomalta, to offer unique textured feelings and create an unforgettable style.

Elegant and functional open space

A home where there are no boundaries and where furniture and functions cross-contaminate each other - hence the bookcase in the kitchen and the kitchen cabinets ideally stretching into the living room - the kitchen mitigates its specific functional identity and is integrated into the living room, exploiting new composition possibilities. 
Foodshelf is the innovative response to the needs of contemporary living solutions where the kitchen and living room merge into one multi-purpose setting, with a tendency to amalgamate their individual characteristics.
In this elegant composition, notice the alternating open-fronted elements and tall units, together with the detail of the matching coloured handle to open the tall units with recessed grip profile inset into the thickness of the door.

Laundry space

Bathrooms also need to be kept neat and tidy and, thanks to cabinets and tall units, we can best organise all the available space.

Laundry Space restyles the typical elements of laundry furnishings and integrates them perfectly with the modern-day modular bathroom. A complete system of tools created best to organise even small-size settings. With Laundry Space you can create a cosy and sophisticated hidden laundry space: the tall unit with double hinged doors conceals the washing machine and practical compartments to stow your laundry and washing products to manage spaces and materials rationally.


Now you have no excuse: with cabinets and tall units, keeping your home neat and tidy and well organised is a doddle!

Tall units that aren’t a tall order