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The sitting room as you like it

The sitting room as you like it

Whether it is large or small, let yourselves be inspired by our solutions for your living room.

Ideas for living room furniture should mirror our inner-most desires. This time of year, the days are getting shorter and so the need for light grows in order to lighten up the days, along with our domestic space. Here’s how to furnish it with design solutions and neutral and bright pale colours.

Small space, “big” living room

Understated and informal: sometimes that’s all we want from our sitting room. A small space is furnished with pieces which accommodate its size without creating further bulk, but with care to the nearest millimetre in the choice of materials and finishes.

Squared geometric shapes, simple yet striking elements and a neutral colour palette are the preferential routes toward furnishing a young, multi-functional living room, with a few accents of colour, metallic elements or lamps to break up the monotony.

Equipped, always

Equipped walls complete the living room, embellishing it, meeting their storage needs in a compact way. For these items of interior décor, several configurations can be applied, to suit all spatial requirements. The extreme modularity can easily adapt to minimal solutions, with a system comprising light-weight visible modules, or more generously-sized and complex compositions which feature a variety of shelves, open-fronted compartments and closed spaces too. The choice of structure and doors ranges from glossy finishes to textured coatings, to match the colours of the walls, the other furnishings and the furniture in the room.

One step at a time

Wall-mounted compositions, low units, visible modules all come together to form lounge areas with a special, fresh and dynamic appeal. The choice of furniture and the respective layout is vital, especially when you need to make the space appear bigger and airy. Just like in a game of Tetris, the famous tile-matching video game, the parts are added one by one to create an unrivalled harmonious whole, to suit your own particular tastes and dimensions.

Light plays the starring role

Lighting is very important. Yes, above all, as we were saying, this time of year. A large window can in itself become an item of interior décor: it allows natural light to flood in during the day. Decorate the wall with just a few key elements, always within easy reach. With a surprising, soft and compact solution, yet which is also understated and practical, we can put together a composition of tone on tone base units and shelves, affording a simple yet high scenic impact.

Discover all the solutions for furnishing your living room.

The sitting room as you like it