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Learn how to clean doors

Learn how to clean doors

Tips and hints to make all materials shine

Discover together how to clean the hob, through simple tips.

Steel and aluminium: a cloth, some soap and a little water!

Do you want to keep steel or aluminium in tip top condition over time?

Make a habit of cleaning it with water and soap or a neutral detergent, wiping it with a non abrasive sponge inthe direction of the satin finish.

For stubborn stains use normal denatured alcohol.

Do not forget to rinse with a microfiber cloth or a disposable wipe, both available at our dealers.

Avoid to use abrasive creams, wire wool, acetone, trichloroethylene and ammonia and use water carefully because, as it contains salts, iron and limestone, it may oxidize or corrode these materials.

Laminate and lacquered: the trick is to be gentle

If your door is laminated, use a soft cloth combined with a specific detergent.

When the dirt is harder to remove, try using soft brushes or sponges, always in combination with specific detergents.

For light limescale stains, a sponge soaked in tepid water and some vinegar may be enough to make the material shine once again!

Lacquered doors require non abrasive detergents and a microfiber cloth.

Against stubborn stains and on gloss lacquered surfaces only, use highly diluted ethyl alcohol.

Wood: beware of water and steam!

For both solid and veneered wood, there are two fundamental tips to keep in mind: dry it thoroughly when wet and always turn on the suction hood when cooking.
Wood tends to absorb humidity and water and consequently expand or change shape.

For normal maintenance use a soft or microfiber cloth wet with a little water.

For more serious cleaning, you may want to use a cloth with a little non abrasive detergent, following the direction of the wood grain.

Never use alcohol, stain removers, acetone, ammonia and bleach.

Glass: ultra rapid cleaning

Glass doors are very easy to clean as they do not attract dirt, do not absorb liquids and are resistant to chemical products.

Simply use a damp and soft cloth combined with non abrasive detergents.

Do not use wire wool, abrasive substances and powder detergents.

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Learn how to clean doors