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Where’s the right place for a dishwasher?

Where’s the right place for a dishwasher?

Perplexed by unusual combinations? Here are the answers!

In small kitchens, miracles have to be worked to manage to fit all the essential units and appliances into the space available. In these situations, kitchen designers may offer unusual combinations, which may be familiar to professionals but seem a little strange to us. For example, where’s the right place for a dishwasher?

What about next to the oven? Any problems?
None at all. For those with space problems, this is a very practical solution.
The only problem you may find is one that can arise from this type of layout: effective access to the sink, worktop and hob. The oven must be close to the worktop and hob, and the dishwasher has to be near the sink.
If you don’t plan the layout of these items carefully, you may create working paths that cross each other, leading to possible “traffic jams” and compositions that are inconvenient overall.

Underneath the hob? 
This is certainly possible, but there is no one answer because it depends on the type of hob chosen. For example, with thin hobs there may be problems of interference between the hob fixing hooks, the hob’s gas supply hose and the top of the dishwasher. With thicker hobs, these problems should not arise.
Some appliance producers only provide certified approval for the installation of their dishwashers underneath their own hobs and not underneath those of other makes; other producers require a minimum gap between the two appliances, which may vary in size. Obviously, the logical approach is to comply with the installation conditions specified by the manufacturer, as otherwise you may void the warranty of the product you have purchased (and impair its performance). In all cases, the worktop thickness is an important factor when deciding: the thicker it is, the greater the space between the dishwasher and the hob, and the better the ventilation.

This type of installation is feasible and convenient, and used above all in modern compositions.
Building in a free-standing dishwasher?
A free-standing dishwasher cannot be panelled. At the most, if the height allows, it may be fitted between two base units.
However, we always advise customers to use the services of a qualified kitchen designer, who will be able to find the best solution for the space available!
Where’s the right place for a dishwasher?