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Accessories and Worktop materials

Accessories for kitchens

Scavolini S.p.A. has equipped its kitchens with a great number of accessories: more than four hundred high-tech items which multiply the spaces and facilities available, with an extraordinary range of functions providing a convenient solution to every smallest need.

The accessories and equipment which expand the functions of Scavolini kitchens are at the state of the art in terms of technologies, materials and concept, and are available for every model in a vast assortment giving the potential for thousands of different solutions, tailored to all requirements.

Worktop materials for kitchens

Scavolini kitchens, famous for their leading-edge technology and fine design, are produced using a variety of choice materials in a vast range of types of colours.

For its worktops, table tops and breakfast bars, Scavolini offers a wide selection of excellent-quality materials selected to suit the different tastes and requirements of the modern consumer.


Come and discover all the worktop types and colours available at the Scavolini points of sale.

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