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Company Policy

Company Policy

Satisfied customers are the real assets of an enterprise
This is the motto on which our Group, a leading home furnishings manufacturer, has based its success.

For us, customer satisfaction means providing products and services that fully meet customer expectations, in full compliance with the principles of sustainability.
Our values:
Our daily commitments are based on the following VALUES:
continuously improving the reliability of all our products and services
preventing and eradicating potential sources of flaws in every company process
unwavering research into new shapes and materials, to accommodate the need for functionality, protected health, safety and the environment
respect for the environment in every phase of operations
innovation made affordable through the improvement of all processes
adhering strictly to all applicable laws and reference standards
emphasising human and moral values in relations with employees and external partners
consideration of the broader consequences of corporate decisions
guaranteeing the health and safety of workers and the confidentiality and security of data processed
valuing all forms of diversity as a key element, creating an inclusive and respectful workplace
promotion of the interests, growth and wellbeing of all the human resources employed
extension of the principles of quality, environmental protection and workplace health and safety to suppliers and associates
To uphold our principles, we deem it necessary to maintain and develop our Integrated Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management System in compliance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards and the EU Regulation 2016/679 concerning Privacy.
Our aims:
This System must be a guarantee and transparency tool for our customers and for all stakeholders and it should contribute towards achieving the following goals:
designing and manufacturing beautiful, reliable, functional, safe, sustainable and competitively priced furnishings, which fully satisfy the most diverse customer requirements
guaranteeing the observance of product and service quality standards
making prompt deliveries and not missing a single due date
continuously improving all company processes
raising awareness among our suppliers and dealers on the topics of quality, ethics and sustainability
improving internal and external communication
developing suitable qualification in distribution
satisfying our compliance requirements, whether legal requirements or those the company has voluntarily assumed
checking and reducing the consumption of resources, resorting to renewable resources as much as possible, pursuing the objective of net zero
preventing pollution and, in particular, controlling and reducing emissions and waste
eradicating or reducing occupational health and safety risks
progressively abating occupational diseases and accidents affecting workers, including those linked to psychosocial risks
consolidating in-house initiatives to guarantee equal opportunities and gender equality among all workers and promoting well-being across the board
increasing our personnel’s level of knowledge, competence and awareness through constant training and information activity
committing to the consultation and participation of workers and of their representatives
correctly managing personal data processed
The success of the Integrated System will be guaranteed by actively involving the entire company across all levels, to embrace lifelong learning

Montelabbate, 5th February 2024