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About us

About us

More than 60 years of history
Scavolini has been making kitchens for more than 60 years: an extremely long experience gained over time along with the tastes and trends of almost three generations of consumers. We have evolved from a craft-based business into an industrial concern, moving through all the stages with tenacity and determination, in full consideration of the public and in tune with the demands of the area in which we operate.

Our story is a growing succession of initiatives that demonstrate a powerful capability for innovation in addressing the changes in taste, habits, the market, and the pressures of increasingly new technologies. With pride, our example of production development is now considered a role model for the entire sector.
Scavolini started out in Pesaro in 1961 as an artisan workshop with a small production of modular kitchens, which soon became popular. Thus began the adventure of brothers Valter and Elvino Scavolini who, encouraged by this initial success, expanded the premises and introduced innovations that immediately gave the business a huge boost.
Increased production requires transformation: we strengthened the distribution and sales network and adopted more advanced technologies. And for the first time we collaborated with specialist designers. Our goal: to seek the best solutions while offering the best services. Our image also increased: in 1975 we launched our first national campaign and started sponsoring a promising local basketball team in Pesaro.
Now favoured by a large number of Italian families, in 1984 we gained the leadership of the national market: we became “the most popular and beloved kitchen in Italy”. If production is at its best, the image and brand also achieved considerable credibility throughout these years: thanks to a demanding advertising campaign, with the creation of the Scavolini Foundation, sponsorship of the Rossini Opera Festival.
Now was the time to perfect our production and sales system: we launched a long-term training project for our Dealers; we started a website that complements our intensive communication; we acquired Ernestomeda and created the Scavolini Group to diversify our portfolio. In 1996 we obtained, as one of the first in Italy, an important recognition: the “UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality System Certification”.
Exports around the world increased and in 2001 we launched the Scavolini Utility System. Environmental protection continued with the “Environmental Management System” project (in 2004 the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification) followed by the Integrated Quality and Environmental System Project. In 2008, we obtained the OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for “Occupational Health and Safety Management". In 2003 the first of our 2 automated warehouses was built: substantial heights for greater storage capacity. More sporting sponsorships (women’s volleyball team).
Inauguration of Sunload: two photovoltaic systems for “green” energy. In 2011 it was our 50th anniversary. We celebrated it with the Skira Editions monograph entitled “The most popular and beloved kitchen in Italy. Scavolini 1961 > 2011. 50 years of kitchens”. The book, available in bookshops, tells the story of a Made in Italy excellence born from the brilliant intuition and enterprise of the young brothers from Pesaro, Valter and Elvino Scavolini. In 2012 we launched our bathroom environment solutions. In 2016, star chef Carlo Cracco became our testimonial. We also obtained the “Made in Italy” product, origin and quality Certification. 2019 saw the Walk-in Wardrobe project, equipped cabinets to keep clothes and accessories impeccably neat and tidy.
In 2020 the BOXLIFE system was created, in partnership with the International Design Studio Rainlight™. During the pandemic we continued to talk to our audience, and more, with the “Home sweet home” advert. In 2021 we celebrated our first 60 years: we treated ourselves with an advert that focuses on people, their dreams and their needs, and a monograph on our Chairman: “Valter Scavolini. Life as a big enterprise” published by Mondadori Electa.
We achieved another two significant goals in the same year:  the CQP Product Circularity Certification for the kitchens, living rooms and bathroom areas along with the FSC Chain of Custody Certification which documents the traceability of raw materials sourced from FSC forests.
Our commitment continued throughout 2022 and we were awarded the FSC Product Certification to offer end consumers certified products. In the same year, we commenced construction of 6 new warehouses, built for the automatic handling and storage of fronts.
We began the year 2023 with the prestigious Historic Brand accolade, joining the Special Register of Historic Brands of National Interest.
We are a large industry that organises the production process to make high-quality kitchens, at competitive prices, for families of all cultures and tastes.

Our main target is to fulfil your requirements in terms of aesthetics, functionality, safety and durability. And many families find practical, reliable and perfect furnishing solutions for their home in our Scavolini trademark.
Satisfied customers are the real assets of an enterprise
Company Policy
This is the motto on which our Group, furnishings manufacturer and Italian leader in modular kitchen production and sales, has based its success

All this while giving top priority to environmental protection, to occupational health and safety, to privacy, to the relationship with employees, co-workers and with the surrounding area and the enhancement of social and interpersonal relations
Thanks to our passion and our experience, we would like to raise the quality of domestic life by offering beautiful, well-made and functional solutions for the home environment (kitchen, living room and bathroom), portrayed by a strong and distinctive Italian design.

We want our creations to be characterised by the best of technologies and sustainability, while still ensuring excellent value for money. The energy of our co-workers and partners in Italy and around the world, the passion for quality and Italian design, the strong roots throughout the regions and the pride of our historical values are, and continue to be, the ingredients of our success».
Inclusiveness and accessibility
The issue of accessibility has always been important to us: the home must be a comfortable and safe space for everyone, including people with disabilities, the elderly or people with reduced ability and mobility.

This is why we have created the Utility System line, an innovative system of elements that can transform all our kitchens - without sacrificing aesthetics - into a fully accessible space while reducing barriers and encouraging the development of greater autonomy.
History, art, solidarity, equality: these are the areas in which Scavolini is fully committed with initiatives capable of conveying human and ethical values aimed at helping to develop the community.
These values inspired the creation of the Scavolini Foundation, set up in 1984 to promote and enhance the artistic and cultural heritage and to boost initiatives that support development and progress.