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Kitchens that are always at the top

Kitchens that are always at the top

Worktops you weren’t expecting. Allow yourselves to be inspired by three unprecedented solutions.

If we twist the words of a famous philosophical saying, we can ask ourselves: “What comes first, the top or the kitchen?”. The answer is obvious: it’s the kitchen! However, this doesn’t mean the choice of worktop is any less important, quite the contrary. Like the other elements making up the kitchen, it contributes towards the winning combination of aesthetics and functionality, where solutions and materials satisfy both requirements.

There are some materials that most people know about, such as steel, wood, and marble, but we’d like to present three which are perhaps lesser known and which, specifically for this reason, offer novel and interesting design ideas. Let’s see what they are and how best to treat them to ensure they stand the test of time.

High-Tech Laminates

Fenix NTM® is an innovative material for interior design, which distinguishes kitchen compositions with an simple yet striking, modern and highly functional style.

It is a thermoplastic resin with a high technological content, which is antibacterial, resistant to scratches, abrasions and acidic solvents. Moreover, it is a matt, anti-fingerprint surface that is soft to touch,  capable of repairing itself through exposure to heat in the event of micro scratches on the surface.

Fenix NTM® has an exclusive non-porous outer layer, which keeps the material clean thanks to simple everyday care. Simply use a microfibre cloth dampened with water or with the addition of neutral detergent. The regular use of a melamine sponge (also known as a magic rubber) either dry or slightly damp, contributes to keeping the surface spick and span at all times!

Stone effect tops

The latest generation of tops make it possible to replicate the beauty of their inspiring material, such as marble and natural stones, with the advantage of offering superior performance levels in terms of hard-wearing resistance and durability.
Material such as Dekton® adds value and expressive force to a kitchen, adding exceptional characteristics from a technological perspective.

They are available in a wide range of elegant and modern finishes and colours, to blend in seamlessly with very different types of design. They contribute towards making the experience in the kitchen enjoyable, because they are highly resistant to heat, stains and scratches, offering peace of mind since the tops are both beguiling and great to use. 

Some precautions are however indispensable: it is a good idea to use a chopping board for normal food preparation tasks using kitchen utensils and a hot pad to rest boiling-hot objects.

What about cleaning? Simply use a microfibre cloth soaked in water or neutral detergent, avoiding waxes or soaps which could compromise the aesthetics of the top.

Colours and materials
Kitchens that are always at the top